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June 14, 2014, 01:39:28 PM

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i understand having things difficult but fireballs that do 1200 damage is ridiculous. it really just makes these areas places to avoid rather than fun places to hunt. i think the server would be better off without these kinds of mobs. or maybe just keep it to super high end couple of mobs that drop insane items. but going exploring and seeing cool mobs ive never killed before then oh wait ANOTHER one shot fireball mob. great. it gets old. i think we have such a creative group of staff now we can come up with something more creative than a fireball that insta kills you.

The super dragons were meant to be tough.  You need a group or pets to take some of the initial damage.  Each mob has a specific strategy to defeat.  Hint: if you lower the mobs stamina it cannot cast the massive firebreath

heres some suggestions of my own to replace the one shot fireball.
different elemental area damages.
 those insta kill runes from the black belt dungeon that can actually be avoided if your paying attention.
strong traps in the area
scorched earth tiles that do mass fire damage if stepped on (fire type creature)
frozen area damage. palalyzed/ reduces swing speed while doing continuous damage.
oozing poison. causes character to vomit for 3 seconds rather than fight. (uses bow animation, basically a paralyze)
chain lightning that does less damage the more players it hits (promote group adventuring)
bomberman bombs, must get out of the proximity of the bomb before it goes off.
mobs that hide/ burrow in the ground randomly in addition to summoning minions. main mob comes back after minions are slain.

Yes, I like all of these ideas and many will be implemented in the new bosses.  We have plans to make new challenging champ spawns and monsters with custom traits and AI

basically if love to see strong mobs but have death be avoidable of your quick on your toes and paying attention.

an alternate fix to the one shot fireball would be making bushido a viable skill again so we can use evasion.

Here's a list of mobs that i have been one shot killed by so far, even if they don't get changed at least its a list of mobs to avoid.

Absess in blighted grove.
ancient frost spider in fel ice dungeon.
dracolich in khaldun
ancient dragons cant remember which one but i assume it is all of them.
stygian dragon

Check with players, many of them easily defeat these mobs with their strategies
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June 14, 2014, 06:03:30 PM
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ah indeed, i know of a few tricks to take these guys. id just like to see some more variety in the future. its just one after another with the fire breath.  i look forward to seeing whats you guys have planned.
Same Shit, Different Pile

June 15, 2014, 02:35:36 PM
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  Adding onto Meta...  Kill the fire breath, but give the monster 1million hit points... sure you could eventually kill the monster, but it will be time consuming solo, but not so with pets or friends...

   Id like to see monsters that dispel pets... haha turn them into pets on a leash in the owners backpack... that will show em.

 'All kill!' Not any more?!?


June 25, 2014, 10:48:50 AM
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"The super dragons were meant to be tough.  You need a group or pets to take some of the initial damage.  Each mob has a specific strategy to defeat.  Hint: if you lower the mobs stamina it cannot cast the massive firebreath"

"Check with players, many of them easily defeat these mobs with their strategies"

Color me stupid...

I engaged Stygian dragon which before revert was tough and challenging. This time it instagibbed my 2k hp pet with one fireball.   

Same with "samurai dragon", one hit fireball instagib.

I really cannot think of any Strategy to "easily" defeat these mobs.  Things come to mind. but nothing "easy". and since the majority of them drop trash/nothing anyway its not worth the frustration. 

I just dont see how a group or Pets are supposed to take initial damage, since everything is one shot. Unless you mean suiciding, rinse and repeat. (cant be good for pet stats)

Then again, I use my pets for some extra dps/support and I like to tank. I really have no idea just how much DPS a pack of royal steeds or hounds or evo dragons is pushing out.

ALSO for clarification: I think there are 2 variations of firebreath being used by MOBS.  There is a firebreath  that does 300ish dmg , and the superfirballofomg Megadeath that one shots EVERYTHING. This is the more ridiculous one.

TLDR: I personally do not find the super fireballs fun or challenging. Just frustrating.

July 05, 2014, 10:15:57 AM
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As Dante said, there are ways around the fire breath.  It's actually quite easy.  I've been doing it with the guild for months (prior to revert and after).

July 28, 2017, 05:57:26 AM
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@ Nydted1
Would be nice if you could share your experience instead of just saying you do it all the time?

July 28, 2017, 01:24:31 PM
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(sorry for the long post, im trying to understand and separate a few issues, thanks for bearing with me!)

As a New emmisary, one question i hear constantly from new players is: 'where do i go to farm gold? everywhere i go something kills me in one shot, whats the point :(.'   now theres alot of things wrapped up in that, but one problem with the huge damage attacks mobs have is that it doesnt seem (to most new players) to flow out of what the original game showed them, so they dont know how to handle it. 

I can agree that these mechanics do become somewhat necessary to deal with very powerful players, endgame content, and long server history, but it leaves new players a bit demoralized, thinking they're bad players, or not understanding the server, and frustrated.  Like the randomly powered up goblin thieves we sometimes find that seem 5x or more stronger than others, no tyrant tag on them etc that is ok if they're marked or have some story/reason/indicator on them, but just free range instagib stuff feels (to some) like a punishment, or a contrived reason for getting donation gear-which i know its not-. 

we explain how to deal with dying, and insuring items etc, but its hard to get them to where they feel they can adventure here, in a somewhat unpredictable environment. (dont get me wrong, random is good, but we need to be able to see it coming, or anticipate it for story reasons, like an npc advertising "goblins have been working with the dark father to increase their power, watch out for patrols of uber dark goblins, and work in teams to take them down" or "high level monsters have learned how to summon dark energy to empower their attacks, it takes them half a minute to build up, but if you dont stop them first, they can overpower any defense with a timed special attack" what chafes players now, is that theres no indication this can happen, just poof, death, and they feel like it was the /kill command :P

One thing that might be a bit more understandable, is some special move the bosses can do that paralyzes a player or pet, so they cant defend, rather than just instagib attacking them, it would let the player see whats happening and respond to it ("frozen pet!, go go go!") as a mechanic rather than just sigh and hate the RNG more.  one thing that would make people less salty about those fights, is being able to trust their hp pool a bit more, 300 hp is a ton more than osi gave us, but getting it doesnt seem to protect us as much as it should, i guess. 

I freely admit im a novice at the game, and i know stuff like this would create more work for staff to implement it. but i also think that increasing our trust in the stuff we buy, donation or not would increase the amount we buy ^_^  i dont need, or even want to be invincible, just let me see it happening for reasons i can work toward overcoming :) instant death is an emotional attack too,  i dont want to die, but paralyze me, poison me, summon a horde to swarm me under, let me feel that im not fighting gods with pointy sticks, and i'll love it more :D

August 29, 2017, 10:51:54 AM
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It seems to me that people tend to forget that this is a no skill cap shard and you can get over 120 with gear, thats a hint #1. #2 For some weird reason i don't see too many bards here. #3 On some things you just have to go pew, pew, pew. #4 Evo dragon comes with 85 fire resist (I wonder what could i use it for, hmm). 4# Goblins are not as hard as you think (hint #1, #2 and #3). #5 Animal lore and advanced animal lore wands are your best friends  ;) .
Not to make it too easy for you, I'll leave at that. There are many more ways to go around and don't forget that out of all of those hints, #1 is the most important because this shard revolves around high end skills and as the name suggests, it's time to evolve from your gameplay  8) .
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August 29, 2017, 09:19:27 PM
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Also don't forget, there are several useful abilities in Ninjutsu, Bushido (Even if you are sword/board Evasion and Confidence still work), Druid/cleric magic, Spellweaving for Gift of Life and other buffs, Hit Lower Attack/Defense.

I regularly solo Stygian and other dragons, you WILL die occasionally due to bad RNG (Bite/Fireball occuring at the same time) or some other things.  Make sure you are using GoL to auto rez you and have a dress macro to get back into fighting shape ASAP

I've never used pets against the dragons as i don't particularly care for Taming, however, just make sure you're using all of the beneficial things that you can. 

August 29, 2017, 11:13:30 PM
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Most of the mobs listed are end game boss level mobs, with anti pet code.  So they will one shot a pet, most of the time.

Bushido is still viable(stack a lot of parry with it) and is generally used to counter the one shot fireball.  For the mobs that cast a mass field of fire on the ground, if you cast a poison field (easier to see where it is, is the reason for it) the creatures fire field will not be on those tiles, as over lapping fields cannot be on the same tiles.

Using a higher elevation to fight from, that the creature cannot see the ground on, allows you to avoid a lot of the fire field issues as well.

Causing the creature to lose its stamina, works great on greater dragons btw, makes their fireballs become less of an issue.