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March 12, 2017, 04:18:12 PM

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Our next Player auction will be 2 April 2017.  Tx in advance to Bishop, Dio and Alexis that's assisting me, A Staff Member will be present at the auction to ensure that there are no issues. There is no  cost associated with the auction.
As its easier  it will be a Discord auction: (

How it will work:   
•   Limit of 2 items (or item mix bags) per player. (only 2 items of the same type will be accepted)
•   I reserves the right to refuse items or ridiculous reserve prices.
•   Place each item (or mix bags) in a bag/box/crate with a book stating the item name, player name and           
starting/reserve price (which is the same as we start with the reserve price) and what monetary system (gold or ED) that you would like the bids in.
•   Deliver the item to me only, so that I may give you a receipt stating what I received.
•   All bids will start with your reserve price on a item, so starting bid is also the reserve.
•   Only bids will be accepted via Discord, typing the bids in chat only, so no need to be able to talk in Discord just be able to type and hear me.

Good items like 120 power scrolls, keys, good gear will be appreciated to help with the New Player luck draws.

Auction Rules:
•   All items must be received no later than 1 April 2017.
•   Sales can be done for ED or Gold.
•   All sales are final.
•   Turn off all sweepers before entering the auction house.
•   Shrink your mounts before entering the auction house.
•   Refrain from speaking in local, unless you are bidding.
•   Any grieving will be met with immediate removal.
•   Auction items close at 45 items or at 1 April 2017 whichever comes first.

Auction Date & Location
•   Sunday 2 April 2017
•   12:00pm Server Time
•   Shena's Auction House

Auction house is on moon gate, Player Vendor Malls, Shena's Vendor Mall rooftop.  As soon as I receive items I will display items on the rooftop in the display area, Kindly pm myself or Dio, Alexis  in game to hand in your items.
I look forward to your submissions!

*All items that are not sold will be returned to their rightful owners at the end of the auction.

Love Shena
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April 01, 2017, 04:28:33 PM
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Items on the auction tomorrow, noon server time!:
green tunic +20 archery
champ skull display
champ platform display
500 plat hammers
400 fletchers runic
champ platform deco and display set
Box of 10 Deco Tree Deeds
Bag of 25 Pet Level Deeds
three finger jack
double axe
kas axe
sarcophicus anger
mystic mayhem
champ axe
tree gluttony and pride
emperor's favor earings
mage dragon cloak
luck ethy
asian teaforfour
tmap books
tmap books
powder of iron 5 charges
archeology set
1k plat hammers
kas legs
luck ethy
powder craft full apron
bio starter set
full fortune set
bulk mag cloth deeds
rose tali
forge of anger
kas cloak
magi cloak
mythic amber
sarcophugus of the fallen
easter and srping dco
easter basket
shame set
socket key
1k lep gold
ankh gate south
shaddr doolittles shirt
goldpan key
easter bunny accidenty seat

April 02, 2017, 03:11:33 PM
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A huge tx to everyone coming onto discord and joining the player auction and a special tx to Domino,Bishop and Alexis for all there help preparing and running the auction and tx to Kenira helping in discord.  As promised here is a list of the items sold today:

Item w/Description                                    Reserve   Sold For
green tunic +20 archery                                20m   24m
champ skull display                                        7mil   45m
champ platform display                                7mil   16m
500 plat hammers                                      30mil   45m
400 fletchers runic                                      25mil   35m
champ platform deco and display set                12m   60m
Box of 10 Deco Tree Deeds                                10m   34m
Bag of 25 Pet Level Deeds                                  5m   13m
three finger jack                                                20m   46m
double axe                                                        30m   30m
kas axe                                                          3m   7.5m
cornucopia                                                          5m   5.1m
sarcophicus anger                                        20m   20m
mystic mayhem                                                 30m   40m
champ axe                                                        10m   14m
tree gluttony and pride                                10m   10m
emperor's favor earings                                50m   77m
mage dragon cloak                                      150m   185m
luck ethy                                                        20m   20m
asian teaforfour                                                30m   No Sale
tmap books                                                5mil   18m
tmap books                                                5mil   13m
powder of iron 5 charges                               none   30m
archeology set                                                 1m   4m
bracelet                                                        10m   No Sale
1k plat hammers                                       50m   80m
kas legs                                                       15m   20m
luck ethy                                                       20m   20m
powder craft full apron                                 1m   4.5m
bio starter set                                                none   1m
full fortune set                                                15m   20m
bulk mag cloth deeds 35                               1.7m   5m
rose tali                                                          8m   14m
forge of anger                                                10m   20m
kas cloak                                                        10m   15m
magi cloak                                                       8m   11m
mythic amber                                                25m   25m
sarcophugus of the fallen                                20m   20m
easter and srping dco                                          5m   50m
easter basket                                                  1m   7m
shame set                                                       140m   182m
socket key                                                         30m   40m
1k lep gold                                                         25m   45m
ankh gate south                                                 20m   21m
shady seat                                                         10m   25m
dr doolittles shirt                                         10m   26m
goldpan key                                                   5m   5m
easter bunny accident                                           5m   6m
jewlers key                                                 20m   20m
invidia powder                                                 20m   30m