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September 17, 2016, 07:18:36 PM

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Join us this week on UO Evolution for the Grand Auction and a swashbuckling adventure on the High Seas!

We have added new content for Pirate Week and encourage everyone to log in for the fun.  Also read the dev logs to keep up with all the new changes

Here are a few fun links to get you in the Pirate mood!

Learn to talk like a Pirate!
Role Play a Pirate!
What's My Pirate Name?

Sept 18 - >>>Grand Auction Sunday at Noon cst<<<

Sept 19-25 - Pirate Week Begins!

Sept 19 - Talk Like a Pirate Day, Special Pirate Champ Daily
Sept 20 - Special Pirate Champ Daily
Sept 21 - Special Pirate Champ Daily
Sept 22 - Special Pirate Champ Daily
Sept 23 - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday, Special Pirate Champ Daily
Sept 24 - Trivia 4:30 cst, Special Pirate Champ Daily
Sept 25 - Exposition - Pirate Adventure, Special Pirate Champ Daily
Sept 30 - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday

This new Pirate Champ is an exclusive custom spawn on UO Evolution!

Pirate Spawn
Level 1 - Diseased Rats, Storm Wind, Crabs
Level 2 - Pirates and Skeleton Pirates, Harpy
Level 3 - Sea Serpent, Siren, Sea Elemental
Level 4 - Kraken, Jellyfish, Tenticles
Champion - Pirate Davy Jones

This boss drops a powerscroll or a special pirate coin, used to level up the Admiral Pirate Hat. The boss also has a chance to drop a rare Davy Jones' Locker pirate chest. The special chest can contain an augment, or Admiral Pirate Hat

We just tested the new champ and it is ready for the Pirate week, starting tomorrow!

The grand auction is Sunday at noon, then the Pirate champ event begins

Shard Updates

UO Evolution - Upcoming Events

Development Logs

Enjoy your shard!
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