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December 16, 2015, 08:04:24 PM

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My dj program that is provided by the radio host had a update on Monday.  I downloaded the update and ever since it crashes whenever I try to play music.  I have tried to corrupted the program...tried uninstalling everything including my database...didnt work.  I have tried setting up another program to play the music with but cannot get it to connect to the host.  It verifies it, just doesnt connect.

Until Tech support gets back with me, I am out of ideas.  There is no telling how long that will take (last time was over a week and it wasnt the holidays).  The show will have to be put on hold.  Autodj still works cause that is a seperate thing.

I am going to look into different stream hosting and hopefully find one that is affordable as this one and can switch to it.  Sorry to all my listeners.