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Title: Houses are "IN Danger Of Collapse!"
Post by: Evolution on January 10, 2018, 11:18:56 AM

Houses are "IN Danger Of Collapse!"

House Drops - IDOC Event!

We will be hosting a house drop event this month for the 7th Anniversary! Exact dates will be announced!

Houses that are older than one year old, empty plots or have had no log-ins or low player time will be in danger of collapsing!

Random houses will drop all over the shard on all the facets, so scout out and mark the ones likely to fall!  We will also have specific events for all the players at the top of each hour!  Watch for in-game announcements and meet at britain bank for the gates

Thank you for all the support of this project over the past 7 years!
Title: Re: Houses are "IN Danger Of Collapse!"
Post by: Evolution on January 28, 2018, 12:23:14 PM

House Drops (IDOC)

House Drops are done every 6 months to clear out housing space for new players. The old term was "IDOC" which means a house is "in danger of collapsing." Players that have not logged into the shard for 6 months or more, the abandoned house may be "dropped" and all your items inside the house will fall to the ground and picked up by any player.

We will also be dropping empty houses, plots that have no walls and unapproved accounts. 

Make sure everyone reads the housing rules, there will be no excuses!  If your house is in a no housing zone or breaks a housing rule, it will be dropped!
http://uoevolution.com/wiki/index.php/Housing_Info (http://uoevolution.com/wiki/index.php/Housing_Info)

This is a very exciting event and players can find many treasured items during the house drops.

NOTE: A good strategy is to scout out houses likely to fall in the future and create rune books to all the potential locations!

There is no date set at the moment, we will clearly announce the event when the staff is finished with the preparation.  It takes a long time to check each acct manually and warn players by email before the IDOC event

Please contact your friends and invite them back, and make sure you log in all of your second accts to refresh