Author Topic: Going to Try A Crafter  (Read 313 times)

April 07, 2018, 08:47:00 AM

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Back to UOE after a long break.  Just getting char (Elfman) to the low end of the mid-range.  Want to take a break from mob grinding, but I need to make gold for PSs and gear upgrades.  Then I said well how about making some of this stuff myself - for example, my trusty hatchet is not currently enhanced (not even sure if this is the right word) with an element (Ice), so is 100% physical damage.  I understand about leveling weapons with scrolls and using the points.

Thoughts on developing char to the point I could make and enhance my own serviceable gear.

I know nothing about crafting, never really plaid one, and will be learning as I go.  I've read the wiki - I'm looking for practical advice on how best to get started and perhaps fund this effort.

Any advice or assistance will be appreciated.