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The Life Cycle of an Evolution Dragon


This is the story that was posted on Facebook from January 27 - February 10th, 2016.


Not even weighing one stone as an egg, this Evolution Dragon is waiting to hatch and begin the transformation into one of the most powerful beings in the world.

Upon freeing itself from the egg, the newly born Evolution Dragon looked much like a normal garden snake, to the delight of a pack of Mongbats nearby. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't one...

As days went by, the Evolution Dragon continued to grow rapidly, becoming fond of new and larger prey. Farmers have alerted the Town Guards to keep an eye out for it.

With the Town Guards in pursuit, the Evolution Dragon moved further into the wilderness, continuously eating and getting larger. Still a mystery to many, it began to stand upright, allowing it to move much quicker and hone in on it's latest prey...

Reports have come in of a wild Evolutionary Dragon on the rampage in Lakeshire, Ilshenar! We sent a reporter through the moongate but he has failed to return...

As the people of Lakeshire lay dying, the Savages of Ilshenar banded together to capture the rampaging Evolution Dragon. In a twist of fate, or just evolution, the Evolution Dragon morphed into what appeared to be a drake, but many times more sinister and intelligent. The beast freed itself from its bonds and laid waste to its captors...

The Evolution Dragon gazed deep into the rift, its pulsating blue and white lights hypnotizing the creature, reaching into its mind and soul. For a long time it sat fixated on the... "Moongate? How did I know what it was? What am I? Who am I?" And with a roar that shook the facets it marched into the Moongate. "Felucca. Destard!"

If you have an Evolution Dragon in the last two phases of its evo, please take a screenshot and I'll add it to the Life Cycle pic and give you a prize in-game!

Here's my Evo in his Final Form, making great use of his immunity to Poison, and wiping the floor with some nasty Elementals!

Updated with the new story that was posted over the week on Facebook. For those paying attention, this MIGHT lead to something...

Here's my evo dragon in his 2nd last form -


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