Author Topic: Wizard's Asylum Inventory Reduction Sale and Auction! February 24th!  (Read 56 times)

February 03, 2018, 10:07:26 PM

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Thats right! Wizard's Asylum will be hosting our first ever inventory reduction sale and auction Saturday February 24th at Noon server time! Everyone is welcome!

If you have'nt seen our mall yet come by! We are the largest private vendor mall on the server! Gold vendor malls on the gates!

We will be selling a large amount of Gear, Deco, and various other items from our vast collection both on display and not on display!
This ranges from top end items to new player starter packs!
The auction will be priced in ED however most items can be paid for either in ED (preferred) or in its gold equivalent at the standard rate of 100K gold per ED.

Tons of high end deco, gear, and a sweet mystery box at the end!

Consignments considered on high end items, please PM Swine to discuss, conditions may apply for consignment!

We welcome all to join us downstairs in our auction hall and look forward to everyone coming by!