Author Topic: Cherries on top of cherries  (Read 579 times)

May 31, 2018, 02:32:23 PM

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Hey Evo staff. First of all i love you guys and i hope this list DOESN'T look like a list of complaints because it's not. You guys do a great job, the server is amazing and this to me is just an extra cherry on top of the other cherries :P

  • Add furniture key to store small tables, benches, podiums etc.
  • Ability to move and link house to house gates. With them being mobile will also allow us to dye them too.
  • Ability to deed/re-deed house NPCs (like animal trainer, blacksmith etc). Even better would to allow us to customize how they look also (like a standard vendor npc).
  • I've mentioned this before but i might as well compile but allow transporters to add custom locations and/or link to a home.
  • Ability or staff offered to make joined plots a single plot. I know Kane said this ability may be restricted now because the older client used to allow larger plot sizes then 18x18. For example a castle tile size is actually 31x31.
  • Offer all keys all the time. If they are designed to reduce numbers and load on servers then why in the world are some nearly impossible to obtain without being bill gates or just the fact of them not being available because of player base inactivity.
  • Reduce the price of vendors salary. They are not designed for inflated markets or custom shards with multiple currencies. So much is not being sold because the price to sell them is not justified which turns to hoarding of items and lack of availability.
  • Reduce price of 1 handed weapon deeds. Make them 100ed just like all the rest of weapon modification deeds.
  • Create a turn in for all the junk arties we get constantly. I know something like this was around before and ABUSED but there must be another solution.
Thanks for reading and as always keep up all the great work!