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December 19, 2017, 12:23:06 AM

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Our next Player auction will be 7 January 2018.  Tx in advance to Bishop and Alexis that's assisting me, A Staff Member will be present at the auction to ensure that there are no issues. There is no  cost associated with the auction. I have to realy apologise that we waited so long but was waiting for a few good reasons.
As its easier  it will be a Discord auction: (

How it will work:   
•   Limit of 2 items (or item mix bags) per player. (only 2 items of the same type will be accepted)
•   As it will make life easier for us doing the auction, ed items will b sold at a 100k per ratio.
•   I reserves the right to refuse items or ridiculous reserve prices.
•   Place each item (or mix bags) in a bag/box/crate with a book stating the item name, player name and           
starting/reserve price (which is the same as we start with the reserve price) and what monetary system (gold or ED) that you would like the bids in.
•   Deliver the item to me only, so that I may give you a receipt stating what I received.
•   All bids will start with your reserve price on a item, so starting bid is also the reserve.
•   Only bids will be accepted via Discord, typing the bids in chat only, so no need to be able to talk in Discord just be able to type and hear me.

Good items like 120 power scrolls, keys, good gear will be appreciated to help with the New Player luck draws.

Auction Rules:
•   All items must be received no later than 3 January 2018.
•   Sales can be done for ED or Gold.
•   All sales are final.
•   All items, ed, gold that's not claimed 30days after the auction will b donated to new player guild unless arrangements have been made with me.
•   Turn off all sweepers before entering the auction house.
•   Shrink your mounts before entering the auction house.
•   Refrain from speaking in local, unless you are bidding.
•   Any grieving will be met with immediate removal.
•   Auction items close at 45 items or at 3 January 2018 whichever comes first.

Auction Date & Location
•   Sunday 7 January 2018
•   12:00pm Server Time
•   Shena's Auction House

Auction house is on moon gate, Player Vendor Malls, Shena's Vendor Mall rooftop.  As soon as I receive items I will display items on the rooftop in the display area, Kindly pm myself or Dio, Alexis  in game to hand in your items.
I look forward to your submissions!

*All items that are not sold will be returned to their rightful owners at the end of the auction.

Love Shena

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January 06, 2018, 11:21:23 AM
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lep bed
pool spa
5th talisman
champ skull platform and active
champ axe
deco set
4 pet lvl deeds```
50 lvl deeds`
legs of kas
talisman of the moon
500 use +60 hammer
gloves of fortune fletch
mirror cloak
emperors dragon tali
emerald pearl earings
armor of fortune chest
champ ax lv 100 5sr 5sockets 300 luck
composite bow lv82 5sr 2sockets one hand
ice double ax lv 99 5sr 5 sockets 200 luck
kas chest 25 parry 200 luck 5 sockets
set of tmap runebooks
blue belt with seals
snow paperhouse and xmas tree
champ axe
vecna skull without curse
chest of hallows
4 white pillars
lockbox key recipe
dr doolittle shirt
emperors favor
magi arms and magi chest set
cloak of magi
kas gloves and kas legs set
20 green tunic wrestling, res spells, parry
red tokuno belt
repeater purple
green tunic 20 archery
green tunic 20 swords parry
b vecna gloves
10 swords  10 tact emp tally
ring of the elemental
ring 15 tact
magery & eval tailsman
cursed pirate boots with sockets
viserion's claw aug.
romantic treehouse
jewler's key
santa's bag of holding
mystery chest aug
300 luck deed
emp tali
archery green tunic
swords green tunic
Helm of the Dark Father
Scribes Tome

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January 07, 2018, 04:07:47 PM
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A very big tx to Domino, bishop, Alexis, Dante, Morsax and Zoe, all the donations for the new player lucky draws and everyone that participated in the auction I believe we did it successfully c u guys in 2 months time.
lots of love