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July 07, 2016, 06:28:13 AM

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Okay so I get a LOT of questions about how this works when I do it.

Typically I will announce a time limit! Something along the lines of "Free Champ (insert day here)-Go to your favorite champ and page for me to pop it. You have till (insert time here)pm server time!"

You will go to your favorite champ and page me.(I do not spawn in special champ areas IE the triple champ area) I will come and turn it on. That simple.

I will spawn:
Spirituality Champion Spawn - Northeast of Spirituality Moongate
Humility Champion Spawn (Random)- Northeast of Humility Moongate
Twisted Glade Spawn (unofficial name) - Inside Twisted Weald
Abyss Spawn - First Level of Fire Dungeon, inside the back tunnels
Arachnid Spawn - Northwest corner of Terathan Keep
Cold Blood Spawn - First level of Destard, towards the back near the shrine
Primevil Lich - Entrace through Deceit Level 4, towards the center
Vermin Horde Spawn - Second Level of Despise, on the old Ogre Lord Island
Bog (Random Spawn) - At the center of Hoppers Bog, Southeast of Papua
City of the Dead (Random Spawn) - North of Delucia
Desert or Fire West(Random Spawn) - West of Fire Dungeon entrance, Northwest of Papua
Forest Lord Spawn - Northeast of Delucia, Southwest of the exit to Vesper Cemetery Passage
Ice East (Random Spawn) - Northeast of Wyvern Isle, Use the teleporter East of Delucia to reach
Ice West (Random Spawn) - Northwest of the Lost Lands Lighthouse, Use back exit of Ice Dungeon to reach
Khaldun (Random Spawn) - South of Khaldun Dungeon, Southwest of Minoc North Mines Passage
Marble or Stone Circle (Random Spawn) - East of Marble Island Passage Exit, West of Terathan Keep Entrance
Oasis (Random Spawn) - Southwest of Lost Lands Lighthouse, West of Ophidian Lair
Sleeping Dragon Spawn - South of the Fan Dancer Dojo, Northwest of Mount Sho
Undead Stadium - Northeast of Umbra in Malas
Ally (Random Spawn)- West side of the Wind Mountian Range Felucca
Minoc-North of Minoc Felucca
Despise Entrance
Malas Desert- (Random Spawn) South of Malas Pyramid
Malas Ice- (Random Spawn) South of Grimswood Ruins
Palace of Paramoxyus- Abyss Spawn
I will NOT spawn the following!
Pirate Champ
Emperor Dragon
Mithril Champ

A few things -----pay attention to the instructions...

  • Champs will only be spawned for BLUE characters! This event's purpose, to get newer and mid level players an opportunity to do a risk free Felucca champ (yes some players are AFRAID to go to fel), is defeated by including Red characters.
  • Please PAGE (PM's will be ignored)
  • If you page and you are not at the champ spawn I will ignore you.
  • I am absolutely NOT going to look for a champ for you! I built a runelibrary (Domino's) on the public moongate under Custom. There is all a list of champs on the wiki. And if you google it you can even find that many of our champs are in the standard places (although we have extra due to custom champs) The point is...finding a champ is YOUR responsibility.
  • I will only pop a champ location ONCE.
  • I will only pop for a player ONCE.
  • I do not take requests (ie can you give me Barracoon) I pop whatever is on the alter and that typically is whatever it spawned last.
  • No PVP at any champs I pop. If someone comes I ask that you abide by Trammel Champ rules.
  • You have 15 minutes from the END of Power Hour to Complete your champ. After that any event protection is revoked!
ANY players not abiding by the rules risk having the privledge of participating in this event revoked. Please play nice within the spirit of this event!
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