Author Topic: Iron Golem Question  (Read 54 times)

November 15, 2017, 12:34:09 PM

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"Materials: Iron 1500 Ingots, smelt=4500 Ingots, 3 slot=7500 Ingots
Special Ability: Mines all ore types based on user skill
Special Defense:
Min Skill Required: 100=basic, 160=smelts, 240=3 slot
Commands: "Start Mining" and "Stop Mining"
Special Requirements: Place a normal shovel in the Iron Golem's backpack so it can mine
Note: The Iron Golem is the only one available, other Golems are in development."

So how do you get your Golem over 120?  I made two and they both state "smelting enabled"  so I want to get up to 160 as the Wiki states
One is already at 120 and seems stalled there.
I know you can add sockets but I have never seen a mining augment and even 5, +5 mining augments would only get it to 145.
Dang thing wont wear clothes either so that aint gonna work :)

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