Author Topic: Shard Update Mar 20, 2020  (Read 785 times)

March 20, 2020, 08:32:04 AM

Offline Kane

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We will resume the testing phase now.  This week did allow me to clean up a bunch of small things so it wasn't time wasted.This weekend my goal is to test the Secret Vendor Area located at the Vecna's Alter in the Tomb.  I have 2 new events I did last week but never ran to still run and I want to create a small new Vecna Essence based event to work with the area (so when it isn't Friday the 13th, maybe a full moon event)

Version 332Pet Leveling Gump Updated: Old checking was only determining if ability points were zero vs a catch all of equal or less than zero.
Pet Leveling Gump Updated: Notification of exploited pets that are below zero ability points.
Loot Controller Updated:  Added the ability to remove loot in groups by the group name
Package System Updated:  The ability to create package data with an in game command.
Today System Updated:  Recoded how loot is removed when the event has ended.
Market System (Area) Updated:  Display issue after the complete purchase of an item
Market System (Area) Updated:  Cancel caused re-generation of the price
Market System (Area) Updated:  Check to see if the core object is present
Market System (Area) Updated:  Cleaned up console data