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Shard Updates / Re: Shard Update January 19, 2018
« Last post by Luckbox on Today at 04:13:51 AM »
Kane, after recent changes I'm getting pretty much always disrupted when mobs hit or cast spell on me while recalling with Sacred Journey. It wasn't this way before.

Nothing in this update even altered he file/code covering that  Once things settle I will take a look just in case but you want to also take a look at your end as well.
Shard Updates / Re: Shard Update January 19, 2018
« Last post by billtcat on Yesterday at 06:42:33 PM »


Bill The Cat
Shard Updates / Re: Shard Update January 19, 2018
« Last post by Kane on Yesterday at 04:00:24 PM »
This will start on Monday morning and I will pm the whole shard what the command is to access the interface, from there the tasks will be given out from that point and then as you do them you will get more as in the description.  I hope that answers the question, if not let me know please
Shard Updates / Re: Shard Update January 19, 2018
« Last post by billtcat on Yesterday at 03:52:13 PM »
So how do you get your daily task?

Shard Updates / Re: Shard Update January 19, 2018
« Last post by Sturger on Yesterday at 03:34:48 PM »

  This looks great!  Thanks Kane and all staff who helped in this systems creation.  8)

Shard Updates / Re: Shard Update January 19, 2018
« Last post by billtcat on Yesterday at 01:59:38 PM »
Shard Updates / Shard Update January 19, 2018
« Last post by Kane on Yesterday at 08:03:03 AM »
Version 217 (Update #1 for the day)
Task Event System Added:  While this will be used for the new monthly events it does have many other uses that will be explored.  The idea is simple: You get a new task, you complete the task to get a point.  Collect points to reach milestones and gain rewards.  For the next milestone the rewards can be seen and chances to get it are shown.  You can get multiple rewards.  More info will be provided as there are tons of features in this.
Commands Updated:  New commands for accessing and testing TES
MerchantFramework Updated:  Added new data elements for TES
TES - New Task Deed Added:  New task without a time delay
TES - Complete Task Deed Added: Completes your current task and gives you a new task without a time delay
TES - Milestone Bonus Deed Added:  Increases the chance of each reward item being awarded for the next milstone, these do stack.
TES - Daily Reset Deed Added: Once you complete your daily task goal you can use this deed to reset the count to gain the reward an additional time.

Version 218 (2nd Update)
BaseJewel Updated:  Should correctly display Luck and Luck Cap info in the info block
Spellweaving Updated:  Change for new everlasting item
Peerless Storage Key Added:  New key for storing the rare ingredients from Peerless mobs (Needed with the upcoming consumables being craftable)
EverLasting Spellweaving Focus Added: As the name states
Luck Cap Increase Deed: This works only on Jewelry or Talismans that can be socketed, normal cap is 200, this deed will allow for it to be as high as the number states
Mystery Chest - Event Deeds Added:  Equal chance of any of the 4 deeds
Britannia Dragon Cloak Updated:  Now displays actual percent to get a point rather then rounded.
Tiamat's Degree Added:  Weapon augment that increases the chance for a point with the cloak by 5%

I have a ton to write up but figured would lead off with a screenshot.. 

The Task Event System
What is it?  You are given tasks to do.  Once you complete the task you get 1 point, as you collect points you will reach milestones and receive rewards.
What kind of tasks are there?  At the moment I have 103 tasks but by the 1st of Feb there will be quite a bit more.  So far there are tasks for gathering resources, taming, breeding and hunting.  Crafting will be added soon as well, it is already coded in it I just have not had time to make them is all.
What are Milestone Rewards?  On the left of the interface you will see a list of items, in the example it will show the rewards for completing 10 tasks. The letters tell you the chance of being rewarded the item, G = 100%, C = 75% - 50%, U = 50% - 25% and R = Less then 25%.  There will always be something 100% and always be some rare things to be gained.  (Using Milestone bonus deeds will improve these numbers)
How often do you get tasks?  If you complete the task, a new one will be given automatically in 15-30 minutes.  If you choose to change the task without completing it then the new one will appear in 30-60 minutes.  (There are deeds to skip the delays.)
How many milestones are there?  In the test version it goes up to 150 but for the full month I want at least 650 perhaps more.
What is the Daily Task Reward?  Each day a number of 8-16 is assigned to each player, if you complete that many tasks in the day you will earn a special reward for the day.  On holidays and such the rewards can be very unique.
What do you get for completing a task?  You get 1 point, you will also get some gold and in some cases there is a chance for a special reward.  Example, some tasks for like Prism of Light have the chance to give a Captured Essence.
How long does it run for?  For the test this will only last for a week but on Feb 1st when it starts it will last for the full month and then on March 1st a new list of rewards, some new tasks and such will be available starting over.
Is it per Player or per Account:  Your points are all on your account, however if you have a second account you are free to do the event on it as well.

More to come...
Events / YouTube Video Trailer Contest!
« Last post by Evolution on January 16, 2018, 04:45:23 PM »

YouTube Video Trailer Contest!

This month we are going to give prizes and evolution dollars to players that make video trailers about the shard and post them to YouTube

1st Place = 1000ED
2nd Place = 500ED
3rd Place = 250ED

Every submission that meets the criteria and is used will be given a prize for the effort!

The video must contain the following elements:

*Shard Name and logo – UO Evolution “The Game has Evolved”
*Shard website address –
*key words tagged in the description and title
*Length must be between 1-3 minutes
*Themed music

Examples of what I would like to see:

*Show the highlights of the shard (see shard description on the website)
*Show the new graphics/buildings/monsters
*show a triple champ or epic event?
After you create the video post it here on the forums for review

We will run this contest until we get 10 submissions and then players will vote for the winner

Here is a good video capture software link
General Discussions / Adventure's Boots Quest
« Last post by Mags on January 12, 2018, 02:24:23 PM »
Adventure Boots Key Quest
Holds Bandages, Zoogi Fungus, Powder of Translocation, Bola Balls and other random Mob Drop items

The quest begins in Britain at the Premier Provisioners and Fish Shop, Speak to Fredrick the shop owner. 

Adventurer's Spirit
Exploring Passages

Ho! Adventurer! Quickly now I need assistance! My brother-in-law, Finniis McTavish went off adventuring. I was crazy to have allowed it but my sister was convinced the no account could make his fortune. The last I heard he was headed off to map and explore the passages to the Lost Lands. Then this morning I received a note saying some fellow at the Trinsic passage had found his bag and would return it for a reward. Go secure the bag's return then explore the rest of the passages for any sign of Finnis.  Return to me after you have collected any clues from the 10 other passages. 

To complete the quest you must find all listed items:

Tin cup
Shop Key
Bag-which require 3 items explained below to obtain.

All items will be marked with Finnis' name and owned by you. There are “fake” items that will spawn in the locations.

For those that do not like spoilers and want to adventure on their own....please stop reading now, other wise, let's begin with the bag. 

McTaishs' Lost Bag
Exploring Passages part two
45 . 36S 53 . 55 W

Travel to the Trinsic Passage and locate the Sinister Looking Stranger.

The stranger turns blood red eyes toward you. Ahh the shopkeeper sent you for his brother-in-laws bag. Very well then but he promised me a reward and you appear to be empty handed!
Tell you what, there is a camp of those savages east of here, it is rumored their warriors sometimes carry special valuable golden artifacts. Bring me back a golden spear, mask and bone armor chest and I shall trade you for the bag. 

Kill these savages until you find all 3 items and return to the the stranger and he will reward you with the bag. 

Meanwhile, start checking the lost lands passages for the remaining missing items. I will list co-ordinates, they are not exact but the items will spawn in the area. 

Shirt- north mines passage 49 . 23S 11 . 2 E 
Cape-Marble building passage 38 .56S 46 . 24E
Bones-Temple Island passage 172 . 10S 81. 50E
Tin cup- Cemetery passage 65 . 55N 101. 15E ( the spawn is in the passage not in the cemetery)Gla
Glasses- Brit passage 19 . 30S 9 . 42E
Shovel- Light house passage 63 . 22N 18 . 42 W
Boots- Ice Dungeon -usually outside the dungeon and around surrounding area.
Key- Delucia  8 . 15S 14 . 12W
Spyglass-inside Fire Dungeon
Ship wreck (must have a ship). Serpent's pillar 36 . 12N 2 . 44E

There is a rune book with all locations at the NEW Guild Hall (Public gate>NEW Player Guild Hall). When you arrive walk north west to the stairs. Climb the western stairs and then the northern stairs. 

Safe Travels
General Discussions / Bod Book Quest
« Last post by Mags on January 11, 2018, 08:24:52 AM »
Bod Book Quest

Retrieval of Stolen Rares

Part one:
Vesel's Grief
56 . 46N 50 . 7W

When my father recently passed, he left me his life's work. I was heartbroken to discover that some of my family have stolen some valuable rares. If you return the items to me I can reward you!

The Lost Prophet Scroll Foretelling the Fall of Blackthorne was taken by my Uncle Loki, who lives on the far North East Side of Britian.

The only remaining Book of Verse penned by Dawn was taken by my youngest brother, Regis in Buc's Den.

A painting of Old Haven was pilfered by my Uncle Robert, a farmer in Skara Brae.

Reward: Ultimate Bod Book

Part two:
Loki's Hunger
6 . 46N 22 . 59E

Loki looks at you warily Ah yes. Jin sent you! I expected he would send someone, but I will tell you the truth. I took only what was due. Laboured for my brother for years helping him collect his books and rarities! Then he left it all to his boy, Humph, while I starve! Bring me some food and I will return it. Loki hands you a list

25 apple pies
25 Bread Loaves
25 Baked Meat Pies
50 Peaches

Reward: The Last Prophet Scroll
Part three:
Specialty Brew-Regis
53 . 26S 95 . 20E

Well here you are and here I is, yes i'm veryyy drunk sir, err m'am. Yes drunk. Been drinking since I ran out of that special brew the brewmaster makes. Stuff tastes like Heaven. Get me MORE and i'll tell you where I hid Dawns Book of Verse yup yup.
*cross the road and North a bit to the Brewmaster

Reward: A Book of Verse Penned by Dawn
Part four:
Brewmaster Special
50 . 53S 96 . 11E

Ahhh yes the drunk from Yew! I hustled him to the tavern when he ran out of money. Tried to trade me some silly book of poems, said it was valuable. What would I do with a book of poems. So you want another jug of shine for him do ya! Well bring me back some things I will trade you! I need:
5 empty kegs, the ones alchemists normally use for potions would be fine
50 greater Explosion Potions, never mind why
Your job is just to bring them to me

Reward: Pitcher of Special Brew-Return to Regis
Part five:
A Pretty Painting-Uncle Robert
61 . 47S 36 . 4W

My brother's painting? Oh I did not steal it! My wife admired it very much. She was born in Haven you see and very much interested in the city history. My brother gave the painting to her before he passed. She is very fond of it, but you say his son wants the painting returned? Well I suppose I wouldn't object, but if you would, perhaps you can give my wife something in return? When Old Haven was abandoned and overrun with the dead some artifacts were left behind. Find me two artifacts and I will trade you.

*Visit old Haven and recover 2 artifacts. Known at this time, there are soul stone fragments, a weather worn statue, a bell of Haven, and an armoire.

Reward: A Painting of Old Haven
*Return to Jin Vesel in Yew for your finale reward.

Quest can be completed once per day.
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