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August 15, 2017, 10:44:21 AM

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Lysanthir Today at 7:17 AM

You basically need 2 different characters (can be your alt even), 2 of the same type of pet, both parents current level should be at their max level to be able to breed.

Both needs to have at least 1 breed count on them, gender has to be opposite (pet sex change deed for tokens inside animal trainer next to brit bank).

If you can success while trying to breed, both parents will be shrunk into your backpacks. NPC will give you a claim ticket for the baby, you can claim it 2 days later.

Parents will get a mating delay of 6 days. As you go into generations, you will need higher taming/lore skills or you will fail while trying to breed, which won't waste a breed count but will put a delay of 6 hours on the parents.

Babies get the exact average of parents stats, including resists, str-dex-int. Babies will have a random breed count, can be sterile or can have 1/2/3/4 breeds, this is being decided by your skills and in-game luck. Also, babies will have a max level of: ( [Parent A's max level + Parent B's max level] / 2 ) + 1/2/3 random for each time.

This increase will stop at level 40, meaning you will still get 40 max level babies from 2 x 40 max level parents. Cause taking a pet over 40 makes them sterile immediately.
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Quick question on breeding:

Does a Gen 9 + a Gen 1= a Gen 2 or a Gen 10?

August 16, 2017, 06:33:08 AM
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I've been wondering what "Perfect DNA" does for breeding. I relentlessly hunted until I had found several breeding pairs with Perfect DNA. I'd expected at least something nice from the breed but ended up with just some basic pets. Eventually released the 'babies' because they simply had no value. So does the DNA have any real value or is that just a bragging right thing?