Author Topic: Welcome to the Aerie Role Play Community!  (Read 110 times)

June 03, 2015, 11:42:02 AM

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The Aerie Role Play Community was a dream that started quite a while ago when Soumia and Myself decided we had grown tired of venturing to different places of role play, and feeling as if we had to start over every time we changed locations. On top of that, each game we went to, we always made a large group of friends and family that always seemed to part ways after each shard, eventually shut it's doors. Our hope, and vision, with the community is to create a permanent home for role players of all sorts to come and share their stories on UO Evolution.

You will find on these forums, a sanctuary to grow your character

This place will also, hopefully, open up doors to expand your character in ways you may not have been able to before.

Do you have a story you wish to share?  Feel free to post it here!

The number 1 goal of the Aerie community is to spread and create role play for all who seek it.

We are friends, and family. We will not shun someone of their creativity, we will embrace it. We will not overlook a story, we will help it unfold. No person is inferior and no character too far-fetched. Your creativity is front row center.

Welcome to the Aerie RP Community!

We have few rules:

We do not disrespect other members, this includes racial slurs.

We do not allow "age play".

You must be over 18 years of age.

The possibility of "offensive" material is always around. If your story or post may have something "offensive" in it, we only ask you put a warning in the title. This way, if someone reads something they don't like, it is their own fault for disregarding the warning.