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Events / October: Haunted Hallows and Quests
« Last post by Domino on September 23, 2018, 03:20:05 PM »

What is the Haunted Hallows?

The Haunted Hallows is a Halloween Themed event that runs on UO Evolution for the entire month of October. It will be open 24/7 all of October. Hallows consists of two levels with a few secrets. The first level, the graveyard is less challenging (Note I say LESS- Hallows itself can be vary challanging for newer players...though not impossible)

Level 2 is far more challanging and not meant for the newest citizens of Evolution.

You will find Halloween themed monsters, decorations for your home, equipment and more in the Hallows. Check every corpse and every treasure chest. Watch for unique stealables.Collect the pumpkins to purchase items from the purchase stone(s) in the lobby area.

You CAN STACK the pumpkin treats… you just have to double click one Haunted Hallows Pumpkin Treat and then target another and it will stack them into one item. Pumpkin treats are ACCOUNT locked and are not tradable.

When is the Haunted Hallows Open?

Monday, October 1, 2018- to Wednesday October 31, 2018

How do I get to the Haunted Hallows?

Go to any Public Moongate > Quests, Events and Games> Haunted Hallows 2018
There is a PASSWORD to get in. If you examine the orange wooden sign hanging on the corrupted tree, there is a clue as to what you need to say to get in.

What can I do with my pumpkins?

Pumpkins can be spent on the Haunted Hallows Vendor Stones in the loby area. The display tables will have a LIMITED number of special purchases. The Main stone items are not limited, but are subject to change.

There are also a NUMBER of Quest NPC's that require pumpkins as a turn in, or part of a group of turn ins. The following questgivers will ask for pumkins:
  • The Spirit of the Hallows
  • Stories that Haunt
  • Burke Hare, the gravedigger
  • Costume Quest

OCTOBER Quests to Look for:

--Great Pumpkin Hunt--
See Jack Bumpkin in the center of West Britian! Halloween isn't complete with Evolutions annual Pumpkin hunt!

--The Spirit of the Hallows--
Enter Haunted Hallows Catacombs and speak with the Spirit of the Hallows- He has a request with a limited time only Halloween Glyph reward!

--Spooks and Spells--
Cal, the Festival Trinket Vendor has gotten himself in a pickle and needs help retrieving his stolen goods. Find him dishevelved and sobbing near West Britian Bank.

--Stories that Haunt--
Grace, Amenity Bilbiotheca Librarian in Britian Library will trade a rare book for pumpkins!

--Burke Hare, the gravedigger--
Burke is quite spooky, but he wants some pumpkins and has things of questionable value to trade......find him beneath Vesper Graveyard

--Costume Quest---
It's NOT too late to get your costume! See Sir Dis Guise, Costume Seller South East Britian...find the costume shop!
Shard Updates / Shard Update September 21, 2018
« Last post by Kane on September 21, 2018, 07:52:42 AM »
Version 254
Public Gate Updated:  Resolved issue with certain image ids being used and permissions
Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 6 new items for upcoming events and features
Enchanted Mounts Updated:  Resolve mounting and dismounting feature issue.
Mantle System in Alpha:  New system that allows features to be selected through choices and improved for new slots. This will be used for the center of how the upcoming Factions will work.  (I will try to provide some screenshots this weekend)
Events / Re: Player Auction - 7 October 2018
« Last post by zev on September 21, 2018, 06:39:05 AM »
Thanks to a few people for pointing out the fact that I had two different dates.

The auction will be on Sunday the 7th. NOT Thursday the 4th.   Items are due by the 4th, which is likely what I still had on my clipboard, when copying and pasting. My mistake, sorry for the confusion, first time doing this lol.
Events / Re: Player Auction - 4 October 2018
« Last post by Geez on September 20, 2018, 02:05:17 PM »
Events / Player Auction - 7 October 2018
« Last post by zev on September 20, 2018, 01:52:19 PM »
Sorry for the short notice!!! Also looking for a volunteer or two to assist – PM Zev if you can help, Thanks!
Information – Note: Most of this should look familiar, as it was mostly taken from a post of Shena’s

 Our next Player auction will be 7 October 2018.  A Staff Member will be present at the auction to ensure that there are no issues. There is no cost associated with the auction. As its easier  it will be a Discord auction: (
 How it will work:   
 •   Limit of 2 items (or item mix bags) per player. (only 2 items of the same type will be accepted)
 •   As it will make life easier for us doing the auction, ED items will be sold at a **100k** per ratio.
 •   I reserve the right to refuse items or ridiculous reserve prices.
 •   Place each item (or mix bags) in pouch with a book stating the item name, player name and           
 starting/reserve price (which is the same as we start with the reserve price) and what monetary system (gold or ED) that you would like the bids in.
 •   Deliver the item to me only, so that I may give you a receipt stating what I received.
 •   All bids will start with your reserve price on an item, so starting bid is also the reserve.
 •   Only bids will be accepted via Discord, typing the bids in chat only, so no need to be able to talk in Discord just be able to type and hear me.
 Good items like 120 power scrolls, keys, good gear will be appreciated to help with the New Player luck draws.
 Auction Rules:
 •   All items must be received no later than 4 October 2018.
 •   Sales can be done for ED or Gold. For the sake of simplicity, all bids will be in Gold. Payment can be made in either ED or Gold. 1 ED = 100K Gold.
 •   All sales are final.
 •   All items, ED, gold that's not claimed 30-days after the auction will be donated to new player guild unless arrangements have been made with me.
 •   Turn off all sweepers before entering the auction house.
 •   Shrink your mounts before entering the auction house.
 •   Refrain from speaking in local, unless you are bidding.
 •   Any grieving will be met with immediate removal.
 •   Auction items close at *45* items or at 4 October 2018 whichever comes first.
 Auction Date & Location
 •   Sunday 7 October 2018
 •   12:00pm Server Time
 •   Zev's Auction House
 Auction house is on located just North of Britain, behind Blackthorne’s Castle -- Also if you start at the Britain Cemetery and head East until you hit the lake, and then follow the coast North until you get to a bridge, you have arrived!!
20°39’N  15°53’E
MAPUO -  1549 : 1389 (possibly will have a moon gate set-up for this auction).  As soon as I receive items I will display items in the display area, Kindly PM Zev in game to hand in your items. 
I look forward to your submissions!
 *All items that are not sold will be returned to their rightful owners at the end of the auction.
Coding Corner / EUO Shield Spike script?
« Last post by Raigy on September 19, 2018, 08:56:01 AM »
Didn't want to necro the old thread.  Anyone have a script that'll keep Shield Spike up full time like the Primary/Secondary macros?
For Sale / Re: WTS Tripple Leech CHAMP AXES [UPD]
« Last post by Geez on September 19, 2018, 04:59:38 AM »
Events / >>>Grand Auction Event TODAY! - September 16th<<<
« Last post by Evolution on September 16, 2018, 11:22:22 AM »

>>>Grand Auction Event TODAY! - September 16th<<<

The Staff on UO Evolution Shard will be hosting an auction at noon cst. Many of the items are on display at the auction hall.  Events will follow the auction!

Join UO Evolution's DISCORD SERVER by following this link:

Follow the UO Evolution Development Team

The 2010-2013 Dev log have been archived, but you can still view the 2014-2018 logs on our wiki
Shard Updates / Shard Update September 14, 2018
« Last post by Kane on September 14, 2018, 11:40:42 AM »
Versiom 253
Resistance Limits Updates:  These caps can now be altered based on items and situations. (One of the final pieces to a new poison system)
Big Fish Updated:  Actual weight in backpack has been decreased.
Fishing Event Updated:  Resolved an event starting issue
Artifact Repair Deed Added:  Allows the repairing of artifacts in game, each deed currently repairs 10-30 Points of Damage
Inscription Updated:  Allows the crafting of Artifact Repair Deeds if the player knows the recipe
Recipe Book Added:  Holds Recipes, both normal and custome
Admiral's Hat Added: (Admiral Hook)  This is not what I had in mind originally but going to let it stand.
Blood Earrings - Admiral Hook Added:  Stats are not random with this special item, 31 levels to complete uses blood diamonds
Powder of Kas Bone Updated:  Added both Admiral Hook items
Contract System Updated:  Issue with the system trying to restock contracts prior to the set time.
Pirate's Rum - Consumable Added:  Tiers 6 Max, each tier adds +5% to your Fire Resistance Cap for 1 hour (Bonus time with Admiral Hook's Blood Earrings)
Pirate's Rum Cask Added: Holds 25 uses of the above consumable, can be refilled.Shame Crafting Gear Updated:  Will no longer use double charges for durability and leech increase, this was originally by design however I think now a bit overkill
Site Updates / Planned Downtime on Sept 14
« Last post by Evolution on September 13, 2018, 12:50:44 PM »
NFO Server: We are planning to reboot the machine hosting your VDS at approximately 1:30am Central Time on September 14, in order to apply Xen updates.  The downtime is expected to be up to 30 mins

Kane will also be doing our weekly content updates early in the morning and the downtime is expected to be up to 30 mins
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