Author Topic: Vote reward  (Read 2654 times)

February 18, 2013, 07:53:24 PM

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What about changing the reward system? nothing OP, could always increase vote reward from 100token to 500-1k token, but something different could be nice

A vote pts stone reward, where you can get a few usefull items, and basic needed items.

Item cost range could differ, for new->end player.

let say 1 vote = 1 pts, make a bag of reag/bandage ect... for 10pts so new player could get those as start (help them outs)

for 20-50 pts, you get some really usefull item, like a "self res token" (cant stack more than a certain amount maybe?) to increase the amount of time you can res self (whitout 20min timer). Some pet bond deed, cloth deed ect..

end reward: 100-1.5k vote pts (so weeks and + to get)) could be some rare deco.

I vote every day when I can/think of. The token is... bahhh, if it was more, it would be ok, but for a special reward, it would really be interesting.