Author Topic: Shard Update May 18, 2018  (Read 392 times)

May 18, 2018, 10:03:58 AM

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Version 238
BaseCreature Updated:  Distruption Threshold Updated
PlayerMobile Updated:  Distruption Threshold Updated
Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 14 new items
Mother's Day Rose Added:  Can be used on your house or in your backpack, after 1 day it will bestow a Simple Mother's Blessing Trait for 1 hour.  If the trait is not used however it will increase to Common, each day afterwards increasing to Mythical.  The cost is displayed ranging from 1 pedal to 3 pedals, each pedal is recharged for 100 Leprechaun Gold
Pet Stat Loss Trait Deeds Updated: Spelling issue
Leprechaun GOld Updated:  Added new item to be charged. (Really need to recode this when I get time)
Turn In Quest NPC Updated:  Provide more info when there are issues.
Config Champion Updated: Issue with numbers being set correctly
Blood Bracelet Added:  Next item in the series, special feature will inrease the Distruption Threshold for bandages
Beloved Blood Pool Added:  Every 4-7 days a chance to get gold, leprechaun gold or a blood diamond.  Number of items awarded is luck based.
Blood Diamonds Updated:  Needed to mature the code to handle upcoming features.
Blood Bracelet: A Healing base Bracelet for the Blood Diamond with 31 stages.  Stages can be increased by applying a blood diamond to the Bracelet.  The Bracelet will display the base chance of increasing when you run your mouse over it, you will also get a luck bonus and bonus from the specific kind of blood diamond applied that will NOT be diplayed.  Each stage has an equal chance of applying 1 to 2 points of the following groups:  Primary Skill, Special Attrib, Primary Attrib, Secondary Attrib and Resists.  The first time the skill groups are selected the Bracelet will determine which group will be applied from that point forward.
* Primary Skill:  Healing/Anatomy - Vetenary/Anatomy
* Special Attrib: Bonus to Distruption Threshold. (New prop found only on this bracelet that increases the threshold when fingers slip using bandages)
* Primary Attrib:  Bonus Dex/Bonus Int/Bonus Str
* Secondary Attrib: Bonus Hits/Bonus Mana/Bonus Stam
* Tertiary Attrib: Regen Hits/Regen Mana/Regen Stam
* Resists: All 
Blood Diamonds can be found by doing certain tasks, achieving your daily task goal (100% chance), milestones and a few other events/ways that will be announced during the month, a new house addon available as a reward and rare blood pools in dungeons.