Author Topic: Pet Trade-in option  (Read 560 times)

April 28, 2018, 11:11:45 AM

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Since there is currently no way to repair pet stat loss, many players have asked me to create a way to "fix" their old, beat up donation pets.  I will be offering this option during the month of May to get everyone back up to par

Pet Trade-in option

Dante will be offering a donation pet trade-in option for the month of May!

The 3 options are:

1. Trade any donation pet plus 250ed for a new donation pet of the same type

2. Trade any donation pet plus 500ed for a new donation pet of the another type with the same value as the trade in
3. Get a free pet trade in as a free tier bonus reward on the $100 tier(same value)

To Qualify:

* The pet must be a donation pet to be eligible for trade
* Max of 3 trades per player/person