Author Topic: HELP! Eval/Mage PVP Suit Build  (Read 565 times)

February 04, 2018, 01:58:44 AM

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I am trying to put together an Eval/Mage suit built primarily for PVP that is also useable for casual play. Below are the items I have found to be best for each slot. That being said I do not know all the little items in game that could be better, and I am on the fence on some items. Please look over my list and respond with any improvements. My main goal is to get my Eval as high as possible as I hear of people with 300+ Eval but I am just not seeing how that is possible with what I can see on display and in peoples gear around the bank. Thanks!

Head - Skull of Vecna / Thunderlord Hat
Earrings - Emerald Pearl Earrings
Neck - Mithril Gorget
Shroud - B/W Shroud of Vecna
Belt - Black Belt of Tokuno
Kilt Slot - Hakama of Emperor
Top Shirt/Tunic - Red Tunic 20 Mage/Eval/Resist
Undershirt - Sxeh's Ancestral
Chest - B/W Chest of Vecna
Arms - B/W Arms of Vecna
Gloves - B/W Gloves of Vecna
Cape - Brit Dragon Cloak 20 Mage/Eval/Inscript
Legs - B/W Legs of Vecna
Talisman - Emperors Talisman 10 Mage/Eval
Feet - +10 Eval or Armored Swamp Boots
Shield - Shield of Sin
Wep - ????
Jewelry - 15 Eval on both, with as much magery as can be found (Im aware Grizzled clasp gives 18 Eval, but I assume can do better with 15 eval and a good mage bonus)

By my calculations these items give me a max of 280 Eval if I maximize for Eval.
Any suggestions on other items or items that give higher bonuses are much appreciated!

February 04, 2018, 03:17:49 AM
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Offline Swine

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I have been informed that having 300 magery and 250 eval is a much better combo. So I am inclined to hear suggestions on that as well. Thanks!

February 08, 2018, 11:35:59 AM
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Travesty mask/Thunder lord and change black belt for an apron with either mage or eval, the most popular mage weapon is a crossbow, some people use red dragon talisman instead for 10% fire spells dmg bonus