Author Topic: UO Evolution - Halloween Week Oct 25-31st!  (Read 5356 times)

October 25, 2020, 10:09:42 AM

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UO Evolution - Halloween Week Oct 25-31st! Halloween is always one of the favorite times of the year for players AND staff! We have added a lot of new content, quests and stealables this year, along with the seasonal opening of the infamous "Haunted Hallows" graveyard! >>>Special Events<<< *Halloween Auction is this Sunday Oct 25th at noon cst *Haunted Hallows *Pumpkin Hunt *The Great Pumpkin Bash *Crystal Lake Adventure *House Deco Contest hosted by Sayla *Costume Contest *Full Moon Werewolf Event - Chance to tame a rare ridable werewolf! *Nightmare Hunt *Trick-or-Treat Event, log in and get a free Trick-or-Treat bag *Group Halloween Costume Screenshot, meet at Britain Bank *Battleboard *Stealing Halloween Rares Event Log in daily and watch for in-game announcements