Author Topic: NEW Forum and NEW WIKI  (Read 5616 times)

December 01, 2019, 02:57:05 PM

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@everyone UO Evolution has updated and rebuilt the UOE Forums and WIKI with new
software!  The sites have new information and functionality that should help players find information more efficiently.

Both sites now have a fresh new look, the latest php databases, and new search functions.  We did import all the old data also, so there will be no loss of information and posts.

Please log in and try to reclaim your old accts on the new sites asap

The new forum is at

We will be sending out emails, with a link to help you automatically connect your old email/accts with the new accounts, so it should be easy to continue posting with your old acct information.

If you cannot connect to your old acct you can simply just make a new one. 

Please make a post to test and report any issues.