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October 18, 2019, 05:05:32 PM

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Hello all. It is time for another segment of Kane’s Five on Friday’s. Today we are talking about Kane’s latest vision: Factions. Yes, this will mean [PvP]—and Felucca—but that is only the beginning!!! Anyways, let’s get right to the fiction about factions, shall we.

Sturger: Hello Kane, prior to today’s questions, we spent some time discussing what your thoughts were concerning the old school Ultima Online Faction System. You mentioned a new version of a champion spawn, as a faction system focal point.

1. What would the purpose of a Faction (champion) Spawn be for the shard, and how would it work differently than a normal Champion Spawn?

Kane: One of my ideas—for factions—focuses around two opposing factions engaging in a (faction themed) Champion Spawn styled duel. The current premise, of a champion spawn, would set the foundation for a Faction Spawn initially. In addition to what players expect from a normal Champion Spawn, the Faction Spawn system would have many more variables applied to it, then what everyone is used to. One of those variables is the introduction of a Faction Point System.

   Faction points are gained by eliminating key faction spawn elements. Some of these key elements are: Faction Spawn Minions, Opposing Faction Members, and the Faction Spawn Boss; when it arrives at the end. There will probably be more ways to gain factions points, but for now this is what I intend to begin working with when I launch the Faction System, sometime in the near future. 

  When it comes to Faction Spawn rewards; power scrolls, and other such rewards—similar to a champion spawn—will still be granted once the Faction boss is eliminated from the field. But this is where the old Champion Spawn system ends and newer Faction Spawn reward system begins. One of those new rewards will be faction currency, which can be used to purchase many things from a Faction Merchant. For now, when it comes to Faction Merchant gear/item options, think of Peerless Boss loot (tables) with a Faction styled theme applied to it. At this point anything, and everything, that makes sense will/should find its way onto the rewards/merchants list.

Sturger: Hmm. Kane, that’s quite the virtuous idea you have there. Speaking of which…

2. Will the anti-virtue/virtue system be tied into the Faction System at all?

Kane: Yes, I think the virtues & anti-virtues could play a large part in factions. However, I’d have to think on the matter some more, before I say anything else, that would be close to concrete, on the matter. That said, know that there is a lot to play with—when it comes to the virtue/anti-virtue systems—and I’d really like, for the virtue systems, to be a larger part of the daily life of the Evo shard citizenry.

Sturger: I have spoken to a few of my friends/several helpful information gatherers/and other well-respected guild leaders, about your proposed faction systems since talking to you one on one. The biggest concern, all parties involved had in common, was always placed on; “Will the faction system have enough to go around,” for every playstyle?

3. That said, Kane. Can you tell me; will there be something for everyone when the Faction system becomes available to the shard? I.E. will there be PvP/PvE/Crafting/Thievery mechanics involved in the Faction system?

A) Undoubtedly, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. In the past, some content might have felt rushed. It probably was.  However, the current staff, and I, do things way differently, then we did a year ago. Especially when it comes to new content. It is this way because we have learned it has to be done this way.

   What I think a lot of the player base forgets is staff is human. Unfortunately—for all of us humans—one of the terms of being human is being fallible. In other words, we make mistakes, at least once a day, anyways. Obviously, there are mistakes made when designing new Evo systems—but it is not by design. It is, however, often because we unintentionally forgot something—along the way—when we were outlining the original plans for a new system or while marking out potential modification; to an older system.

Kane: B) Now to answer the question, keeping in mind all four categories/niches mentioned in the follow up question.

~1~When it comes to factions, this system will have a lot to do with PvP; something I want everyone to be aware of from the start. It only makes sense that when two groups oppose each other, there is fighting involved. In the case of UO content, the fighting I mentioned, has always been in the form of a [PvP] match. I feel like I can’t build a Faction system without there being OSI styled [PvP] involved. Just can’t do it.

~2~On top of [PvP], factions will introduce a new Champion Spawn style of [PvP/PvE], which will be voluntary course of action: for the most part. Players can be PK’ed during these Faction Spawns, but most of the effort will be placed on neutralizing the Faction Spawn minions—wave be wave—until the Faction Boss awakens, and is then dealt with. Slaying any Faction Spawn minion, grants faction points which add up and grant faction currencies to the player once the Faction Boss is downed. The more you have at the end of the fight, the bigger the rewards. Also, when the Faction Boss is downed, each Faction team is reward with additional Faction currency, a larger currency reward is awarded to the winning side. Fair is fair, and something is better than nothing, especially for a Faction Spawn lose.

~3~Each faction will have its own, NPC run, faction vendor(s) to buy faction (only) items from. There in lies the potential, for members to gain faction only recipes to craft interesting new gear provided by being in a faction.

~4~And finally, let’s not forget about the rogues out there. Factions will lend support to skills such as stealth and stealing. A rogue might find themselves sabotaging an opposing factions base. Sabotaging in this way might increase the costs to maintain a specific faction bonus/benefit for X amount of minutes/days. I’d love to give out more information on my ideas for Rogues and Factions but I am still in the process of working out many of those details. Maybe I’ll be able to divulge more should there be a second Q & A on the Factions topic in the future. Until then, I’ll keep my “sneaky” thoughts to myself.
Sturger: [Flashback] "So, you want me to side with you in this war on grime (mom)? What’s in it for me???"

4. Will there be faction only items? Like armor, weapons, or mounts at the launch of the Faction system?

Kane: Yes, right now there are plans for Faction only armors. Faction only weapons is a little problematic, but having said that, I wouldn’t outright say [no] to faction only weapons right now. If there are going to be faction (only) weapons, however, they will be limited to schools of weaponry not favored by the majority of current players. (guess that means double axes are out) Faction mounts are certainly an option, but a player’s mount is often a personal choice. This means that I have to be really careful in how I add new mounts to the Faction system. Player choice is important, especially when considering a mount; plus let’s not forget about Ethereal Mount skill improvement deeds. That player bonus has to also be considered. Only time will tell, of course, but I certainly want to give every reasonable idea a worthy shake of the dice when it comes to arming Factions for complete and total FUNillation.

Sturger: Okay. Okay. Fine! Final offer… 3 for me, 1 for you, 2 for me, 1 for you, 1 for me 1 for you…

5. What do you have in mind to stop opposing factions from being lopsided, or overpopulated?

To begin with, the first 20 members of each faction—that exists—will be offered an incentive for joining that specific faction. To prevent issues, from the get go, faction numbers will be kept tight, so that one opposing faction doesn’t have a numbers advantage over the other.

   For example; if faction X has 6 members and faction Y has 10 members; then faction Y has to wait until faction X has 10 members before more members can be allowed entrance into faction Y. Ultimately, it might mean players will have to wait awhile before they can join the faction that they prefer. It might also mean they might have to join a faction that isn’t their first choice. But hey, Factions will be fun, who wants to wait to have fun?

   Couldn’t have said that last part any better, Kane. Looks like we have covered all of our questions for the night. Once again, I’m proud to say, no mounts were harmed during this production. Make sure to check out the Five on Friday’s Extra’s. There is a lot there that didn’t make it into the Q & A section above. (tried to stay on point, without writing a book) Until next time… have a great night Evolution!

                             —Sturger— Editor UOE-Herald

                                                                                          Five on Friday Extra’s
Factions: Mini [FAQ]’s
Q: How does a faction spawn begin?
A: Initiating a Faction Spawn is done when one Faction leader sends out a challenge to an opposing faction leader.
Q: How many faction members can join a Faction Spawn from each opposing faction?
A: This number is determined by the faction leader sending out the challenge, and can range from 5 to 20, initially.
Q: Where will the faction spawn alters be located?
A: In order to make Faction Spawns more fun (if not interesting) the minion alters will be scattered to the four winds. Finding where the Faction Spawn has begun is the first challenge for both opposing factions. 
Q: What is Faction currency and what will it be used for?
A: Faction currency is a reward handed out at the end of a Faction Spawn. It will be used to purchase Faction only items from a Faction (specific) merchant.
Q:What if I don’t like to do Champion/Faction Spawns, will I like Factions?
A: If this is the case, fret not, Faction Spawns are only part of the faction system; there will be plenty to do for every niche player, found throughout the realms.
Q: What kind of rewards will be found on a Faction Merchant?
A: All sorts of things; like augmentations, new armor sets, new faction related recipes—Which could be anything from a new weapon, armor, or craftable decorations.

~~Kane Quote: “When it comes to luck deeds there are plenty of ways to collect them, Sturger. You can find them as rewards from the task system—the whole month of march is dedicated to such a lucky reward— or form the Blarney stone slot machine, also, as a Donation reward item (300 luck deed specifically), and soon there might be a Luck Deed ‘Quest’ coming out. So, yeah, there are many ways to increase your luck.”

~~Kane Quote: “For instance; a player might not like to PvP, but they don’t mind slaying monsters at a Faction Champion spawn, right?” Slaying Faction Spawn minions will earn them faction points and thus faction currency. This currency might be used by them to buy an augmentation that they want for a certain build. The list of possibilities can go on, but the point is simple. I want to make something that is fun for everyone. That’s what I have always wanted to do, since I joined staff, and with Factions I might be able to do just that for all Niche UO players within the same Faction system.”

~~Kane--Extra: In the end, the faction system is going to take a lot of work, and player testing/breaking; but it will have many fun ways for players to get involved with a new system that perhaps they wouldn’t otherwise be interested in joining.  PvP isn’t for everyone, neither is gardening, but a lot of Evo players do both.