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June 10, 2019, 11:49:10 AM

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Gylindin Today at 10:39 AM

Hi I am Gylindin. An elf. But I wanted to come here an introduce myself and tell you a bit of where I come from and what I have done. Hopefully I will keep this short. And then if anyone of you are interested...well then send me a note.   I am a uo vet from long ago. I have been a group leader of a popular group on the Great Lakes shard called S&R or Search and Rescue. We did not only rescue and res our own guild but the entire shard as well. We held events and donated a lot back to the Main Guild. We had a uniform, a code and traditions. Our values were a lot like the Paladin code of values. And to get in to get trained well you had to have a sense of humor and fun, dedication and commitment. Not everyone gets in. And not everyone stays in.  It is after all a Roleplaying Guild.   Now if this sounds interesting to you....or if you remember Merri of Great Lakes.....then look me up...smiles and Fare thee well.

Gylindin is looking to start an Elf guild, please contact him in game or on discord if your would like to join.

So you want to start a role play guild as an ELF, here is the guide
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