Author Topic: The ups and downs of UO  (Read 3609 times)

June 24, 2013, 12:58:44 AM

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I am an old UO player, I have been playing since shortly after its release. I will be the first to tell you that no shard is perfect, not OSI, not this one. I played a while back here and left due to things I didn't agree with but Dante encouraged us old players to come back and try the shard out again with the improvements. It was worth coming back to. The shard is in the best shape that I have ever seen it. Having played UO for longer than some players have been alive it's hard to find a shard that is worth my time but I find that this shard suits me just fine and I'm sure that whether a player is new to UO or has been playing for many years like I have everyone will enjoy this shard. Some of the best things about this shard is the staff and what they are doing with the development of the shard. Kyn has made the shard run amazingly well in addition to fixing bugs and adding new content including new dungeons and a new monster AI, Expo runs some of the most entertaining events on the shard, and Dante is... well... Dante hehe, always been here, always will be, always polite, and always helpful, he reminds me of a monument that your walk by that makes you feel peaceful because it's something that's been that for as long as you can remember and will remain there long after you're gone.
This is such a great compliment, tyvm!
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