Author Topic: Friday the 13th Horror on UO Evolution!  (Read 390 times)

April 09, 2018, 10:55:31 AM

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Friday the 13th Horror on UO Evolution!

I hope no one here has "Friggatriskaidekaphobia", otherwise known as the FEAR of Friday the 13th! There are many legends and superstitions about this ominous day, and it appears it has arrived on Evo.

Somehow, someway, the psychopathic murderer known as Jason Voorhees has been resurrected and taken up residence at Camp Crystal Lake, slaughtering almost all the Counselors and Campers. There are said to be cursed monsters in the area as well, eating up the remains from Jason's killing spree.

When: Friday 4/13/18
Where: Camp Crystal Lake - In the Lost Lands, north of Delucia or through the Trinsic Passage
Objectives: Kill Jason Voorhees! Collect the Friday the 13th Machete and Mask!
Collect all the Body Parts of the Camp Counselors for a prize!

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