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June 11, 2015, 08:15:12 PM

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     The Aerie is a guild designed to be a community that helps players who are looking for RP more easily find it. We understand that, while Ultima Online is an excellent platform for roleplay, it has become hard to find a shard anymore that is completely dedicated to RP, or even has a staff competent enough to run it properly. So, in order to counteract this, the ARC was created on the amazing UOEvolution shard to not only help bolster the shard numbers, but to help bring RP to those who seek it.
     The Guild itself is not designed to be its own separate entity, or culture, set apart from any other guild. Instead, the Guild is simply a means for those who need help with a spring board into RP, or wish to more easily identify others who are ready to jump right into RP at any moments notice. With that said we allow any race, and any alignment to join. If at any point you wish to leave the ARC to join another RP group, or create your own RP guild, we will gladly embrace this, and help anyway we can in helping that group grow. OUR CURRENT HQ IS INSIDE THE CITY OF MOONGLOW

   Joining the group is as easy as contact Davros Steiner in game. The Guidelines for playing are the same as those that are posted in the UOE wiki located here.

The group has a very loose structure, and we allow ANY story, and style of play, as long as it maintains the theme and "timeline" that UOE is set in. So, basically, NO characters that have traveled from a scifi, or modern, setting.

We will also hold meetings every so often to work on ways to bring about more RP stories, and games, for all players to take part in.

We hope to see you all soon!