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Updates :
Ok so here we go , a small guide on what to do starting out.

Do NOT Use your skillball on anything. Not even Taming , can work that to 120 making dyes from brushes bought from an animal trainer. Save the points for over 100 skills that wont gain.  You can use it if you wish but you'll miss the ability to gain them hard skills over 120.

Train at training elementals , you're going to want to max your melee skills.

Join the NEW Player Guild, they are very helpful and usually make players 100% LRC suit and a full magery book

By then you should have decent stats. If you dont have what you want try this website...

It is ok to afk train skills just no resorce gathering , gold farming , pet leveling , or weapon leveling afk.

Once your set on skills you can adventure for Fame and Glory ( abit of cash works too )

I suggest Shame , Despise , Covetous   Artifact items drop from almost EVERYTHING so any kind of easy kill is a bonus..
Loot all artifacts and save them , recycle what you dont want or sell them on a vendor..
You want luck for better drops, good luck armor is the Fortune set wich all items drop from everything , except the chest (Doom Gaunt)
The more luck you have the more artifact and augments you will find.

Artifact Armor is the way to go on this server , but player made weapons are better.  Although a nice starting weapon is the zelda sword , wich can not be repaired but is easy to replace,  Gate to Zento Bank in Tokuno , hold CTRL + SHIFT and pick up the Boomerang on the ground , if its not their come back later.  Drop the Boomerang on Zelda in the quest castle (In Green)

People like the fortune armor for its luck and 40% LRC per item.  Wither mass groups of monsters for more chances of artifacts. The message of % to gain an arti is artifacts that go directly in your bag wich is a different list then what you can loot and find in tyrant chests. for a list of equipment. Astro Quest.                                   Magi Gear quest

Tyrant and Paragons are tough but their chests also have a different list of Artifact items that are nice.

If you have GM+ or 120+ magery and you do go to fel. Always stop when you see "a treasure chest" for it can hold Leveling deeds ( for exceptional weapons)  Magic Cloth Deeds , and ED !!   All are Rare and are effected by luck ( Go fortune armor ! )

I have a taming book that has locations to most tames , no fel locations.  I had made one for the public library in Cove but they split it up and some books don't have runes.  Pm me with what you want to try to tame and I'll Gate you.

Info on each custom system can be found on our wiki so read their before asking, for people can misquote or things may have changed.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in General (Public) Chat with command "[c <Message>"  rules on general chat and its useage are also on our wiki.
You may also Message me or anyone else that decides to post their info on this Guide as a contact.  I wont tell you who to PM because they may or may not want the attention.

I can help you hunt for things , Kill some stuff.  But I will not give out Gold or Tokens.
I do Breeding of pets, if you work up two pets I will breed with you and you can keep both Babies !!   Unless I use my pet to breed then I keep it...So Cute..

Q: How do I set a loot bag?
A: usage is [claim -t.  Target your bag and X out anything you DONT want , I turn off armor , weapons and jewelry. Then "add" the artifacts that I want to get , or items.  Usage is [claim for single targets , [claim -c  to skin it as well , OR [grab which loots everything close to you.  WARNING what is NOT on your lootbag list will get deleted.
Q: How do I....
A: has a lot of walkthroughs and guides check their you will prolly find it. Most of the information is correct for our server.
Q: What to level on my pet?
Q: How do you level a weapon.
A: Kill with it equipped, no need to swing it , can use magic but not pets. Single left click it once and select Information.  Builds are personal choice so whatever you try to do just ask before you spend.
Q: What pets are the best to hunt with?
A: Pack Instinct is the way to go. I would get ice/hell hounds (Tamed) they are 1 slot and pack , lots of damage output but not really tanks.  Dragons are nice for tanks as per 2slots.  Greaters are abit higher slots but solo pets are cool I guess.  CU are wicked tanks but 4 slots.
Q: Where do I go to hunt better monsters?
A: Run with a higher Life Leech weapon , Vampiric Embrace , and Curse Weapon when needed.  Hit Enemy of One and Consc. Weapon to quick kill.   The ones that you hit low on use a weapon with armor ignore, or pets, or both :p   
But explore, no one can PK you if you are not in Fel.  You may turn grey on some facets but they cannot hit you. I suggest some of the Malas area dungeons , Stygen Dungeon ( Hydra can drop some nice +15 jewelry ) , or Illish dungeons. ( watch out for paragons )
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Updated 8/11/13

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Very nice ty!
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And if anyone has any questions that don't get answered in [c (they usually do-we are all a friendly bunch) then pm me on my main account  [pm Domino

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