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June 18, 2018, 07:41:26 AM

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Well this is my first post, so introductions are in order. I am Silvest Shaladar, I can usually be found in Skara Brae when I am in town which isn't often. I love playing UO and enjoy a good slug fest between my pets and the monsters that roam the lands. I was never good at PVP so I try to stay away from it.

I would just like to say how much I appreciate the staff and what they do to make this server the joy it is. I have played on other servers that boasted a lot of custom content but they had taken it to far into godhood. In other words if you weren't GOD you couldn't survive and there was no real way to get to that point without spending a ton of money to get there. Not that I mind spending money on something I enjoy. But here there is content that can be handled, and challenging content as I grow.

Silvest Shaladar
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