Author Topic: My First week on UO Evo  (Read 4259 times)

August 18, 2017, 01:14:58 AM

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Hello UOE

i started on UOE for arround 1 week , i had a 5 years break from UO and was bored and wanted to get back the good old UO feeling.

My first day on UO was rly awasome , the first player i saw ingame was Farsbite , he asked me if  im a New Player.  After i told him i am a New Player he took me on the hand and gaved me alooooott of Items and Spellbooks etc , after that i was able to had a very good start on UOE.

After i runned arround a bit and killed alots of monster , i runned into the player Lush.
i asked him alot of Question and he Answered them all , and he Even invitet me into his Guild and the whole Guild now  Helps me so much with answering my question and
Gear etc.

Also i meeted  Shena and Lysanthir this 2 Players are rly awasome , i think i ask them arround 50+ questions a day and then Answer me Every Single Question. And Even helping me to craft items and lots more.

My First contact with UOE Staff was with Dante , since i had severall question before i donated some money.  The staff is nice and friendly and answered all my Question within some minutes.

so far is UOE the best freeshard i ever played on.

Thanks alot