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November 17, 2016, 03:41:20 PM

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Thank you to the shard as whole. I'd like to give my thanks to the shard and the staff of it. I came to this shard just to see UO "for a few hours to see whats up" and I found new virtual home. Playerbase here is awesome and the staff is really friendly and great.

I know how hard is it to run UO freeshard, "dead game" and the time and dedication it takes to run server like this, Dante, Kane, Zoe, Domino, all of you have my big regards and thanks for me being able to play on this shard.

Thanks to all the new guild emissaries, Merlina, Serra, Graft, Piglet, all of you that i had honor to meet when I was in NEW. Thanks to all the pvpers at the champ pvps: Cain, Runaway, Unkind and all of you that have killed me so much.

I really appreciate the shard, especially the playerbase here. So take this as thank you to any of you that reads this post.

Big thanks to my guildmates from People of Dragons! Rainfall, Cira, Zoidberg - you are really good people ( of dragons ).

If you are reading this forum to decide wether or not to join this shard you definently should!


- Jurppa