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November 01, 2016, 07:39:31 PM

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I played OSI UO for almost 10 years and I loved it. Was like a home to me. I finally left because {well because)_.
   Anyway, I've only been here a month and I know I wont be leaving for a very long time. The staff here are incredible, they are very fast at responding to questions and comments. The people here have been nothing but very nice and helpful.
  To sum it all up this Shard makes OSI look like a waste of time , even in the good years. I love it here.

November 02, 2016, 01:21:07 PM
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Good to hear you are enjoying it here.

Kane has done tons of custom stuff for this server, but wait until his next dungeon is released.

The Tomb of Vecna!

November 02, 2016, 11:32:33 PM
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Glad you're enjoying it here. We've been hard at work for over 5 years to bring you the best custom shard around. =)