Author Topic: As I sit here waiting for the mornin update....  (Read 4987 times)

September 04, 2016, 06:34:27 AM

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I feel like I should give a shout out to the people who own and run this shard. You guys have nailed it squarely on the head for customer satisfaction. I kid you not, OSI and any other wannabe successful UO shard should log in here and pay close attention to how you all handle your players and the players wants/needs and wishes. It seems lost on even the official server..... Players want what? hahahahaha sure, we`ll look into it, thats if your (super)lucky enough to even get a response!!!

You guys are present daily, interact with your players daily and bring out loads of fresh content all the time. I really hope you all are proud of yourselves for the shard and the enjoyment you provide your players.

I was so frustrated and angry at the official game, I grew to detest it due to their in-action on things that need attention and general apathy toward the game and their players. I jumped around to other free shards just to play a few months and leave after that same ole apathetic feeling came back due to mismanagement by staff... or no management at all.

My jumping around has been officially stopped. I can`t think of another place I wanna spend my free time. I have been here roughly 2 months and I feel like I haven`t even scratched the surface yet. A game thats what, 20 years old? Is made fresh,new and exciting by great, GREAT people like Kane/Dante/Domino and anyone else who is involved(I might not be aware of) in making this shard such a joy to log into.

So a very sincere THANKYOU to all who are involved. Keep doin what your doin,it is so much appreciated.

So heres to a very long future on the best damn shard I have ever played on. Cheers!

September 04, 2016, 05:41:50 PM
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Thank you very much for the compliments!  The reason we made this shard was for the exact reasons you cited.  We really do try and make this game continue to evolve and add new content weekly!

I'm glad you are enjoying YOUR shard!