Author Topic: NEW Guild, Shena, Dante, Domino: Thank you!  (Read 5542 times)

April 03, 2016, 07:57:28 AM

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Hi Evolution Shard, I am Kaden Jace, a time traveler from  UO September 24, 1997 who has been transported to a alternate UO universe, UO Evolution, in present day.

My first week has been eventful, fun, and full of so much game play information. I apologize for the blood stains in the NEW guild house, Shena's house and all around Britain, from my exploding head as it tries to process all of the massive gameplay available in UO Evolution.

In another alternate universe I am a dentist and I run my own business. In that business world I teach my team/staff the concept of over delivering. We treat our patients as we would be treated and more. That is how I feel I am treated by Dante and Domino. They have spent time and patience with me.

The NEW Guild is absolutely amazing. Merlina and Piglet over deliver constantly. They provided me with the LRC armor set to make my gameplay fun. They patiently explained how to insure my items and many other important things. That is a very difficult skill: being patient with new players. Answering the same questions over and over again. Veterans can sometimes take for granted the things they have been doing in game for months or years and think it should be easy to learn.

Then I met Shena. Wow. She not only answered my PM right away (another player told me she could make me a champ weapon), she took me under her wing for an entire day of amazing fun and learning about UO. She took hours of her personal time to make me feel like I was important. I mean HOURS!!!!!!!!!! Until it was so late I was drilling through people's teeth with little sleep the next morning! Thanks to Shena I can actually kill things now which is definitely more fun than day 2 where I died at least 20 times.

Playing is fun. Meeting good people much more fun. Now I don't have the hours of time to play as I used to but it's great to feel welcome when I do come on.

Thanks for reading. I was excited to thank everyone.

Kaden Jace

April 03, 2016, 10:09:46 AM
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You have had a great start meeting some of the most universally liked players here, now it's time for the next step, some of the universally despised individuals! Check karma for a good idea of who to steer clear from.

Your right that there is a ton to learn, I can explain some of the other metagame later for you, but again, it's hours of conversation as well.

See you around.

May 27, 2016, 12:50:21 PM
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"check karma"

stay away from warboss :O