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Help! / Re: TINKER Runic Tool
« Last post by Sturger on Today at 05:19:26 PM »
  If you are trying to craft a runic blacksmith hammer using the tinkering skill set, then the answer is no. As of right now, we are unable to craft runic tools.

 As for crafting an ebony bow with an ebony fletching kit... you could have crafted an ebony bow using a normal fletching kit. However, the properties on the bow would have probably been down in the dumps, so to speak.

  Hope this helps.

General Discussions / Re: Armour Suggestions
« Last post by Sturger on Today at 05:04:21 PM »
An Astro Deamon set is a good start but Morsax, and Sera, just put out four new quests with a decent list of new armor tied to each quest... plus the future holds many wonderous things... especially both of them make more quests with great mid-level stuff.  Oh yeah! Dont forget about Kane... he makes stuff, too. So, keep an eye-- or two-- out for new gear on the horizon.
General Discussions / Armour Suggestions
« Last post by billtcat on Today at 04:47:57 PM »
Looking for opinions on best armour set  to go with a sampire setup using 1 handed triple leech axe and mirror shield?

Astro Deamon  worth it's salt?

Opinions welcome
Help! / TINKER Runic Tool
« Last post by kroul on Today at 12:33:02 PM »

I know that, I can use Tailoring,Fletching and BS Runic Tools for make higher level items (exp: I can make Ebony Bow wth Ebony Runic Tool). Can you please tell  me what's the effect of Tinker Runic Tool ? is it possible to make Verite BS Hammer with use Verite Tünker Tool ?

thank you

ps (sorry my bad english)
In Search Of / Re: WTB Master Key
« Last post by Giafiordi on Today at 05:50:39 AM »
1500 ED
Events / Player Run Events...
« Last post by Evolution on Yesterday at 03:06:11 PM »
Player Run Events

We do allow and encourage players to run events. Many players plan a weekly event and others just run a one time event. Here are a few successful examples of player run events:Scavenger hunt
  • Chess Tournament
  • Pet Wars
  • Boat race, horse race, marathon etc
  • Hide N Seek
  • Trivia Contest
  • Player Auction
  • PvP type of events
  • Make sure you pick an open date and time that does not conflict with Holidays or staff events.  PM Dante with detailed event info, rules, prizes, time, date and if you will need any staff assistance during the event. We will also add it to the calendar and help promote if you contact us in advance
General Discussions / Cu Sidhe Pet
« Last post by Evolution on May 20, 2017, 06:21:29 PM »

Cu Sidhe are one of the top beginer pets that a tamer can have in Ultima Online. Although greater dragons are more popular, Cu Sidhe are also great pets that serve tamers well as both damage dealers and tanks. Cu Sidhe are riding wolves that can also be used as mounts. Cu Sidhe have the ability to heal themselves and their owners and have the special ability to bleed opponents. In certain situations, Cu Sidhe can work better for a tamer than a greater dragon and Cu Sidhe take only four control slots.

Cu Sidhe can only be tamed by elves but can be mounted by humans if a human character has the Mondain’s Legacy artifact boots, Pads of the Cu Sidhe equipped. If your tamer is a human, someone else can tame a Cu Sidhe for you and transfer it to you. If you are an elf, you can catch and ride a Cu Sidhe without any help.

Cu Sidhe spawn in the Twisted Weald in Ilshenar. Head north of the Shrine of Spirituality and enter the mushroom cave, near the entrance to the Twisted Weald you will see sparkles. Once you walk into the sparkles you will be transported to the area where the Cu Sidhe spawn.

Cu Sidhe spawn in fourteen different colors, some of the rare colors such as ice and blaze are in high demand as vanity mounts. If you plan on getting a Cu Sidhe in a rare color plan on spending a long time hunting!

When tamed Cu Sidhe lose half of their stats and hit points. The ideal wild Cu Sidhe has 1200 hit points, 65 physical resistance, 85 cold resistance, 45 Fire Resistance, 50 poison resistance and 85 energy resistance. Once your Cu Sidhe has bonded, you can begin the process of training it.

Thrasher, a named alligator, in the Blighted Grove is an excellent choice for training your Cu Sidhe. Even an untrained Cu Sidhe should be able to kill Thrasher quickly and heal itself. As your pet trains, you will get a lot of fame and karma with each kill 1,500 gold and high quality magic items including Mondain’s Legacy artifacts. Another option for training Cu Sidhe are shadow iron elementals, you can find shadow iron elementals in the Yomotzu Mines in Tokuno.

The advantage of using a shadow iron elemental for training your Cu Sidhe is that the shadow iron elemental will take no damage and your Cu Sidhe will heal itself completely, making your role as the tamer, effortless.

After your Cu Sidhe reaches 85 healing, gains slow down and in order to keep you Cu Sidhe gaining in healing, you will need to fight rotting corpses or creatures that use lethal poison. Some tamers like to train their Cu Sidhe on Miasma, the named scorpion, in the Labyrinth because the Cu Sidhe can heal through mortal strike and lethal poison when it heals itself. Cu Sidhe do not resurrect players with their healing abilities.

Cu Sidhe are great pets for tanking due to their overall hardiness, great resists and ability to self-heal, even with less hit points than a greater dragon, Cu Sidhe may be more desirable for certain situations. For example, in many Mondain’s Legacy dungeons one cannot use a pet summoning ball and it is necessary to get deep into a dungeon in order to get keys for a peerless or to get to a certain area.

If a tamer uses a greater dragon, it can be extremely difficult to get deep into a dungeon because the tamer will be on foot; the greater dragon will attack and be attacked by everything! A tamer riding a Cu Sidhe can skillfully ride through the dungeon and pre-cast invisibility and not have to stop to fight anything!

A Cu Sidhe is a much better tank than nightmare, hiryu or dread nightmare and still deals out a respectable amount of damage. Skilled tamers often use Cu Sidhe to solo Bedlam and are able to defeat the monstrous interred grizzle solo by standing a short distance away to veterinary heal.

General Discussions / The Ultima Online Taming Guide
« Last post by Evolution on May 20, 2017, 06:13:15 PM »

In Ultima Online Animal Taming is the King of all PVM (player vs. Monster) skills and will allow you go tank anything in the game including dark fathers in the doom gauntlet, peerless bosses, champions and even the harrower. Animal taming is also the best all around skill for hunting monsters, treasure hunts and can even be viable in PVP (player vs. player). Animal Taming is the best all around skill for making money in UO. This guide will show you everything you need to know to gain skill quickly, pick a template and what kind of pet you will need to be a top notch tamer.

Unfortunately, animal taming is the hardest skill to raise in Ultima Online. If you are planning on making a new tamer, you should consider purchasing the Advanced Character service from Ultima Online and instantly starting out with 85 animal taming and animal lore skills. The reason why animal taming is so hard to raise in UO is because gains are scarce at higher levels and you must seek out animals to tame and the taming process itself takes about a minute.

What to Tame:

0-50 Reroll, it’s not worth your time to start out with less than 50 skill
50-60 Tame timber wolves and hinds. Timber wolves at The Huntsman 90° N, 24°E
60-85 Great Harts, Ilshenar in the Healer’s Grove at 58° N 16° 44′ W which is NW of the Shrine of Sacrifice
85-110 Gaman in Tokuno Islands, Savage Ridgebacks in Ilshenar
110-115 Gaman, Savage Ridgebacks, Swamp Dragons, Hell Hounds
115-120 Swamp Dragons, Savage Ridgebacks, Nightmares, Unicorn, Kirin, Dragons and Dire Wolves

To gain quickly, you want to tame creatures that are not aggressive, spawn close together and can be quickly disposed of after taming so that a new creature will spawn. For example at the grove in Ilshenar, you can rapidly tame Great Harts and command them to attack wandering healers, the healer will instantly kill the great hart and a new one will spawn for you to tame.

If you start out with 85 skill from the advanced character service offered by Ultima Online, you can wear jewelry and items that increase the taming skill and be ready for action immediately. The Library Talisman, Birds of Britannia, gives a +5 bonus to both animal taming and animal lore. Taming jewelry is commonly available on player run vendors with animal taming bonuses up to a +15 taming on each piece. To raise animal lore and veterinary skills you should be in a guild, have two pets such as polar bears attack each other and heal them, this will cause you to gain in both skills. However, you may prefer to tame your greater dragon and to train it in combat for animal lore and veterinary skills.

The best pet in Ultima Online is a greater dragon for all uses. No tamer uses Cu’sidhe, White Wyrms, Rune Beetles, Dragons or Nightmares anymore for hunting. This is because a greater dragon has the best survivability and deals the most damage of all possible pets. Consider that a greater dragon has over 60 in most resistances, 1,000 hit points, can have legendary magery and does 25-65 damage with its claws and has a fire breath attack that can deal out over 100 damage and it’s easy to see why Ultima Online tamers prefer the Greater Dragon. To control a greater dragon you need at least 105 animal taming and 120 animal lore skill combined or the equivalent. A greater dragon is capable of tanking any peerless except for Chief Paroxysmus and can stand up to the damage of a Dark Father, Harrower or Champion Spawns better than any melee warrior.

Taming Templates:


Animal taming, Animal Lore, Magery, Spellweaving, Spirit Speak, Necromancy, Meditation

This template is ideal for Champion Spawns and Peerless bosses because it has strong pet healing, word of death, essence of wind and wither for area of effect mana draining. Use magery’s Greater Healing spell to keep your pet alive with spell weaving’s gift of renewal spell added in for extra power. You do not want to get close to most champions and peerless monsters so veterinary is only useful for resurrecting your pet if it dies. Use Gift of Life instead and you can leave your veterinary skill on a soul stone. When your champion or peerless boss is low on life, transform into wraith form and cast the word of death spell and get all your mana back from drains.


Animal taming, Animal Lore, Magery, Veterinary, Stealth, Hiding, Meditation

The stealth tamer creeps along with his pet deep into champion spawns, letting monsters target his greater dragon. If the champion spawn gets raided, he sneaks away to fight another day. This type of tamer can get deep into dungeons, summon up his pet and be ready for action. By swapping out meditation or veterinary, this type of tamer could also use the stealing skill to pick up rares like the academic books in Bedlam or doom artifacts.


Animal taming, Animal Lore, Magery, Veterinary, Musicianship, Provocation/Discordance/Peace, Meditation

The Bard Tamer is ideal for soloing difficult monsters. For example, named monsters, paragons and large crowds of mobs such as the undead spawned by the Dark Father can all be controlled, weakened and pacified by a skilled bard. Note that discordance is not recommended for the peerless boss Travesty because Travesty has the ability to make a copy of the character and will use discordance on your entire party which can lead to a wipe.

Animal taming is definitely one of the best skills that you can have in Ultima Online

General Discussions / Arianna's Earrings
« Last post by DrMorrison on May 19, 2017, 11:44:45 PM »
What are the stats for Arianna's Earrings? Thanks!
Suggestions / Negative Karma Characters
« Last post by sanguine on May 19, 2017, 12:58:29 PM »
Would love to see an option for "Remove Curse" for negative Karma characters perhaps via the Cleric and or Druid Books. Basically to give the player the choice of being evil Dread lord/lady while still maintaining the ability to remove curses. Seems rather silly considering it's the only spell in the paladin's playbook that actually takes karma into consideration. For those of us playing non dexxers Wither is simply the best spell for spawns and the like. I would absolutely LOVE to run the Dread Lady title and play an evil Necromancer, but to do so SEVERELY gimps my character in game. Shouldn't have to worry about karma just to be on an even playing field with others in my opinion.
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