Author Topic: Shard Update August 04. 2017  (Read 572 times)

August 05, 2017, 05:47:51 PM

Online Kane

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Version 197
Train System Update: Improved error handling
Pet Breeding Update: Reports of an exploit, if it is happening it is stopped now and will let me know when people are using it.
Shrink Item Update: Used MaxLevel instead of Level caused a display issue.

Version 196
Detect Hidden Updated: Added messages to assist with players learning the new system
Shrink Item Updated: Display matches if the pet can breed.
Vecna Essence Fragments Updated: Added a few new focus items that can be used. (I will not tell anyone, this is for you to discover.  Using a focus allows you to convert fragments to essence at an improved conversation rate.)
Vecna Rune System Updated: Added some more detailed information and name changes based on where in the process you are.
Veecna Necromancer Updated: Some small tweaks.