Author Topic: Shard Update July 28. 2017  (Read 501 times)

July 28, 2017, 01:01:10 PM

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Version 194
Augment Grinder Added: Relax, just in the testing phases..
Vecna Settings Config Added: Complete loot tables can be changed on the fly
Base Armor Updated: Final Bonus Set changes
Base Clothing Updated: Final Bonus Set changes
Base Jewelry Updated  Final Bonus Set changes (This includes talismans that can be socketed)
AOS Updated: Final Bonus Set changes
Vecna Tomb Region Updated: Starting functionality for the Tomb
Glyphs Updated: Starting functionality
Bonus Set System: Starting functionality
Vecna Scribe Added: Rune attack and primary drop of the Vecna Runes
Vecna/Kas Mobs Updated: A few tweaks here.  I am not completely happy with things but the truth is the only thing that is going to iron these issues out is player testing and me watching.

You can review the Vecna Updates here on the Dev Logs:
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July 28, 2017, 01:07:04 PM
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I have been waiting for a good build up of new stuff to start playing again.  Looks like that will be happening soon with the Vecna stuff getting finished.

Great work as usual Kane!