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July 14, 2017, 07:42:57 AM

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                        Update Notice
We are still on target for Vecna/Kas to start going live at the end of July/start of August.  From there it will steadily roll out each week as we add new things, tweak existing or resolve bugs.  We have some rather interesting ideas and new takes on existing ones as you will start to read in the updates.

We are just getting started with this.. A few 100 hours of design and no clue how many coding hours anymore.

We have a Grand Auction this weekend, Sunday at noon.

Version 192 (July 14, 2017)
Domino Deco Deeds Added: 7 New themed items
Battle Worn Gloves of Vecna Added
Goblin Drink Thief Updated:  Lep gold base drop increased slightly but also extra based on player's luck.
Vecna Essense Fragments added:  These are joined to create a whole Vecna Essense.  To join them, double click and target an Ankh or specific secret artifacts/special items (these give bonuses).  The amount of needed to create an Essense is determined by the intial item, your Necro skill, Karma, Fame, Time of UO Day/Night.. and a few other things for you to discover.
Vecna Essense Added: Used for points with the Bonus Set System that will be coming (Getting the foundation code in this week)
Vecna Hidden Chest Added: Luck of the lock picker matters, higher the chest level the more interesting it will get.  All kinds of Vecna goodies can be in these.
Vecna Scribe Rune Added:  Follow the runes for your own personal treasure hunt, when you get to the area use Detect hidden to locate the rune and then off to the next leg of hunt until it ends with a Vecna Hidden Chest.  All checks are based on the level of the Rune, higher the rune the higher the skills needed for success.
Vecna Soul Slice Added:  Taming piece for the Skull of Vecna
Alchemy Gold Powder: Used for turning a Alchemy Crystal to Lep Gold.  It will give you 1-100 Lep gold when you use it, there is a chance for a bonus which is based off of the amount of Magi Gear items you are wearing and the Luck on those specific pieces (Battle Worn give higher chance).  If you get a bonus, then you get an additional 1-100 Lep Gold and another Bonus Chance.  Succeed 5 Bonus Checks in a row and get 1 Lep Gold per point of Luck.  There will be a powder coming for the "Vecna Essense Fragments" next week.
Alchemy Powder Vial: Used with powders based on Alchemy Crystals
Alchemy Crystal Added:  Special ingredient from Vecna Chests
Craft Definitions Updated: Powder and Tinkering
Detect Hidden Updated: Added functionality to handle Vecna Scribe Rune and Vecna Scribe Check.  Your range for detecting these items is determined by your Tracking skill
Unlock Spell Updated: Added a check for the Vecna Scribe Chest
Core Update: Added Assemblies to the runtime compile
Morsax Scripts Update: New Helm

How the Vecna Rune works
*  You find a rune, they do have a timer on it of a few hours.  Your choice if to do it or not.  Each has a level, the higher the level the harder to detect and more legs of the journey.
*  Follow the Arrow until you get within 20 tiles of it.  Then start looking for the hidden rune.  Your tracking will determine your detect range.
*  Once revealed, double click yours and target the new one.. then move onward, until a chest is found.
*  The chests have all kinds of goodies, like a chance at a Mystery Chest, Glyphs, Crystals, Chips and Fragments.. etc etc..

Images to the new Bonus Set System
Here is a direct links:
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This is truly magnificent. You put so much energy into this shard. Good work!