Author Topic: Shard Update May 19. 2017  (Read 468 times)

May 19, 2017, 07:37:24 AM

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Version 186
BaseCreature Updated: Added a few Controlled checks
Dragon Glass Added: Reagent needed for Rhaegel Scale Augments
GlassBlowing Updated: Added Dragon Glass
Dragon Glass Recipe Added: Required to craft Dragon Glass
Plant Item Updated: Added new constructors
Morsax Scripts Updated: A few changed
Ancient Nightmare Updated: Tweaked and should be good to go now
Kas Knight Updated: Now mounted
VecnaTombMonster Controller Updated: Improved error handling and allow for Augments that are neither Attack nor Defense
Rhaegel Scale Augments Added: Passive augment that allows to resist some of the damage done by Spike Shield type augments.  Three flavors; 1, 3 and 5 socket Augments.  Based on the amount of damage resisted is the amount of Dragon Glass used up.  Higher Augments will reflect some of the damage as the glass shatters.
Hide and Seek Updated: Just some small display tweaks
Plant Codex Key Added: Key to hold deco plants
Druid Codex Key Added: Complete key for all your plant needs

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