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Shard Updates / Re: Shard Update June 18. 2017
« Last post by Sturger on Yesterday at 07:02:15 PM »
 Great Job Kane!
Price Check / Old EvolutionDrag
« Last post by Mgrei001 on Yesterday at 02:36:14 PM »
In the IDOC event I grabbed an old evo dragon, I've evolved him up and he has a ton of HP at stygian he's around 2.8k. I'm haven't even used his level points. I'm very new to the shard but does this seem different then the current evo dragon? Does he have a value beyond the ED to buy one? Thanks for your help
Help! / Re: Restoring lost HP to pets after death
« Last post by Emperor_Norton on Yesterday at 11:32:05 AM »
Suggestions / Re: Hitching Post
« Last post by RyGull on Yesterday at 10:17:57 AM »
yeah beats me but the hitching post would just make your pets invulnerable (yellow) so they cant hurt anyone and nobody can hurt them. You get your pets to stand in whatever direction you want (near hitching post obviously) then target the pet. They would be stabled but remain animated and full size but cant move or even better would be they can only move a couple tiles from the post but just full sized and animated would be amazing enough. If this isn't a hard thing to do then it would be an awesome touch for homes. please and thank you!
Suggestions / Re: Hitching Post
« Last post by Blackmamba on June 26, 2017, 10:52:14 PM »
I don't know how feasible that would be from a programming sense, but it would be an awesome touch.
Suggestions / Hitching Post
« Last post by RyGull on June 26, 2017, 07:58:45 PM »
It would be really cool if the hitching post worked like a stables in the sense that your pet(s) can stay in its normal form without being shrunk. It would be great for visuals and can make real stables in your home. I'd love to have my 2 evos hitched near my front door looking like guardians :P
Help! / Restoring lost HP to pets after death
« Last post by Kotten Mouf on June 26, 2017, 08:11:36 AM »
So I have a couple undead worgs and after deaths I have lost a few hundred hit points on them. I have read the wiki and a few posts on these forums a search provided but can only find info on regaining stats. Int,Str,Dex and resists.

How does one regain lost hit points?

I`m afraid to explore to much of the game cause I don`t want them to die and lose even more hp`s. I can`t imagine the hp`s would be lost forever?

Help! / Re: Faction Stone At Yew Catacombs
« Last post by Kartonian on June 24, 2017, 06:54:30 PM »
I would recommend paging a gm in game they should be able to help
Help! / Faction Stone At Yew Catacombs
« Last post by retrogamr321 on June 24, 2017, 05:49:00 PM »
I noticed that the Shadow Lords faction stone at the yew catacombs is not working. I tried joining a guild and they said I had to leave the faction, but the stone is not working. What do I do?
Help! / Re: Regeant Key quest - White stick
« Last post by H'Gah on June 23, 2017, 08:18:45 PM »
I've found a couple of them by logging in first thing and checking - like around 5 am server time.
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