Author Topic: Shard Update September 11, 2020  (Read 1774 times)

September 11, 2020, 07:46:47 AM

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Thanks to one bad idea and a good conversation with some players... the outcome was an idea I wanted for Factions fleshed out beyond "Improve level system".  I do have it turned off at the moment, while I did get a ton more code done then I ever expected however it is not really crash proof yet.   Given then I have tons to test I will probably not code much and just do all testing and config stuff since I have that backed up again.  Off the top if my head have some task stuff, market stuff, now level stuff that all needs some degree of testing, config or both.

Version 356
Deco Deeds Added:  23 Deco Deeds added from Sayla
DynamicConsumption Updated:  Extended Gold and Token to get actual number
Key Storage System Updated:  Added functionality to handle the bee system’s fake tools
Rune of Orlaan Added:  Using your skills and a few resources you can begin the enchantment process to create an Enchanted Rune.  There is no success or fail, the higher your skills the less times it needs to be done to completely enchant the rune.  (Skills:  Blacksmith, Necromancy and Spirit Speak) (Ingredients: Witchdoctor’s Sharpening Stone, Vecna’s Essence and Enhanced Artifact Residue)
Enchanted Rune of Orlaan Augment Added:  This rune gives your weapon a new special attack called Deadly Strike.  For one complete attack (To Hit and attempts to block it) your weapon skill will be greatly increased.  The amount of increase is based on your Tactics skill and what level Deadly Strike has been leveled to in the Level System.
Level System Updated:  The ability to add features to an item and then let it be leveled up in the system.  The first of a few overhauls for this system (I have this turned off atm because I didn’t get a chance to really crash proof it, heck I am just shocked I got it all coded in a few days.)

As you may notice leveling the new features do not cost points, they will cost other things.  Each feature can and you should expect it to be different in some way as far as leveling goes.  The idea is to get away from cookie cutter madness and allow for many different new/unique things.  This could even extent to Weapon Special Abilities as well, rather then Mortal Strike being a cookie cutter ability, you will have the ability to level it up to enhance it. 

In some way shape or form.. would love to see this extended into Jewelry and Armor as well.