Author Topic: Shard Update July 24, 2020  (Read 953 times)

July 24, 2020, 07:27:50 AM

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Version 349

Recipescroll Updated:  Added error handling, one of the many bad designs of the original RunUO and crafting. (Caused crash)

Taste ID Updated:  Improved the flow of logic and added more informative messages.

Harvest System Updated:  Comparison flaw where the base skill was being used and not the actual value.  This causes problems with bonus resources.  Initial testing will be in Lumberjack once verified will then look at the other resource skills to ensure similar changes.

Dreadhorn Updated:  Old peerless quest items returned

LadyMelisande Updated:  Old peerless quest items returned

ShimmeringEffusionUpdated:  Old peerless quest items returned

Star of the Champion Updated:  Was on the wrong layer

DynamicRandom Added:  Expanding Dynamic Framework to handle random factors on lists with the IFactor interface

Task System Updated:  Removing dead code for the old Daily System
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