Author Topic: Shard Update July 03, 2020  (Read 1484 times)

July 03, 2020, 08:45:45 AM

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Tasks:  Only 2 people have provided lists, given the number of complains on pricing I thought getting 5 different lists would of been easy.    I do think after speaking with Wikanne we do have a decent pathway for what code is next to help this issue be resolved but the lists are important or else I will be recoding things way to many times.
Package Chests:  Just 2 more things to wrap up on this (Create regions and Item Lift Action).  Just off the top of my head this code will change Dungeon chests, Treasure Chests, Message in a Bottles and Factions.  Plus a few things I have down the road.  The ability to create and re-use a customized item like this without a shard restart will be fun I think.

Version 348
Trapable Container Updated:  Accessibility issue on properties with virtual functions
XML Updated:  Player killed message will be displayed in all facets. (Maybe this time x2)
Package Chest Updated:  Can apply poison trait with trap
Package Chest Updated:  Can spawn with trap
Package Chest Updated:  Multi level fill list with 4 different ways to generate items based on the list.
Package Chest Updated:  All trap properties can be accessed from the config
Package Chest Updated:  All lock properties can be accessed from the config