Author Topic: Shard Update June 19, 2020  (Read 2604 times)

June 19, 2020, 10:38:46 AM

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Version 346
Dynamic Consumption Updated:  Consuming by type had incorrect logic after checking keys
Raffle Stone (Config) Updated: Few small issues and tweaks.  Timer logic altered to ensure multiple stones would be triggered correctly
XML Updated:  Player killed message will be displayed in all facets. (Maybe this time)
Deco Deeds Added: 1 new item from Sayla
Artifact Grinder Updated:  Default uses changed.
Augment - Alchemist Spoon Added: 2 sockets and increases Enhanced Potion Cap +10
Augment - Grand Alchemist Spoon Added: 4 sockets and increases Enhanced Potion Cap +25
Dark Father's Torq Added:  Because I can, I wanted to and sounded like fun. (see if anyone reads this)
Task System Gump Updated:  Double close button issue
Market Stone System Updated:  Added range and LOS properties to the config