Author Topic: Shard Update June 01, 2020  (Read 1135 times)

June 01, 2020, 08:19:23 AM

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The initial test market areas for the Task System will start up this week, the first being sometime today at Brit Bank.  Relax.  To find out if it the new market area is open just go into Brit Bank and use the [market command.  If it is open you will see new items for new currencies, if it isn't you will see the normal market.

Version 343
Dynamic Currency Added:  Can have multiple dynamic currencies that can be handled by the Dynamic Framework (Reward/Consumption).  This is a key step for many other system and will need some testing and helper functions as it matures.
Task System Update:  Rather than a config file that is updated each month taking staff 3-4 days of combined time we are moving to currencies as rewards.  Each currency will have at least 1 Market Area. 
Britain Crowns: Britain Bank and is used mainly for items to be purchased
Trinsic Trumpets: Trinsic Bank and is used mainly for deco to be purchased
Minoc Coppers: Minoc Bank and is used mainly for resources to be purchased
You will also find other merchant areas sometimes taking these currencies and for seasonal events like the North Pole will find additional market areas opening up with new rewards. 
Main change to the Task System is no longer will the event run from month to month, the current max is 200 but this is merely for testing to ensure the reset happens as desired.  However long it takes you to get to 200 is up to you.  The Markets will be setup so that while it will constantly seem to change as to what is available and even a little price increase and decrease the items will be there for longer periods then 30 days to give you a chance to save up and purchase.  This is going to take time to iron out, just relax and join the conversation on discord concerning tasks.
Recipe Scroll Updated:  Changed the logic flow for how the name is displayed.
Dynamic Framework Updated:  Introduced Currencies
Shard Configuration Updated:  Master list of currencies on the shard
Deco Deeds Added:  31 new items from Sayla
Artifact Grinder Updated:  Increases uses when crafted and bonus uses based on exceptional
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