Author Topic: Shard Update May 22, 2020  (Read 1078 times)

May 22, 2020, 07:32:43 AM

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The blood stuff is all in testing this week, still needs to be fine tuned a little I think.  Going to let staff bang against it and handle those little tweaks this week so we can get this in game next week.  All of the current changes are for the Blood Bracelet at this time however once I settle on all the changes needed it will be moved to a majority of the other Blood items as well (Plus a few new ones).  Important tip to know... When leveling up for skills you can get a bonus from having both 100% Skill Chance and another bonus from a 100% Level Up Bonus.  I believe this will allow for some unique end game items and long play rewards.
Next week while testing I will be hammering out the Task changes I have been wanting to do.  Finally!!

Version 342
Deco Deeds Added:  No clue on the amount I messed up last week so just took all of May deeds to ensure I got it right this time.  Don’t want Sayla mad at me twice in a row.
Today System Updated:  Time Delay between turnins can now handle RNG
Item Id Updated: When you target a Blood Bracelet a new gump will appear that will allow you to tweak the items RNG factors.
PlayerMobile Updated:  Added the property for date a player joined their guild
Guild Updated:  Now sets the date when a member is added.
Magi Quest Updated: Can now drop the Mystery Chest for Magi gear as a reward. So a player can get BW items in the game now.
Shard Controller Updated:  New command for helping new players join the new player guild
Kas Mystery Chest Updated:  Added new BW gear pieces
Kas Quest Updated: Can now drop the Mystery Chest for Kas gear as a reward. So a player can get BW items in the game now.
Daily Event System Updated:  Staff will get notice when a PW is started.  PowerHours are being run I think it is more a notification issue, this step will help me verify that and then work on the real issue.
Blood Diamonds Updated:  Found a few spelling issues
Blood Bracelet Updated:  Expanded functionality and data so it can interact with the changes from the Blood Gump.
Blood Gump Added:  This interface can be accessed by using Item ID on the Blood Bracelet. This is in testing this week so only staff can access it however I have put an image of the gump and info in the Dev Discord if you wish to ask questions.
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