Author Topic: Shard Update May 08, 2020  (Read 1329 times)

May 08, 2020, 08:34:45 AM

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Resist Spells should be similar to before except now rather then moving by blocks of numbers it changes based on the exact skill value.  After this gets tested it will be used to create a new function which can then be applied to the odd spells.
After a small discussion with Gohan and other staff we came up with a few new ideas for Blood Items to make them more appealing, look for this change next week with the opening of the blood vendor areas.  The basic idea is you will be able to use Artifact Residue on a Blood items before leveled up to select the skills you wish on the item.  There will be a few other features as well.

Version 340
Resist Spell Updated:  New function now is at the skill point level and has no cap.
Artifact Grinder Updated: Was not consuming uses
Tinkering Craft Menu Updated:  Lowered the top skill required for crafting and altered the exceptional chance accordingly
Deco Deeds Added: Sayla’s yard clean up added 74 new deco deeds
Vecna’s Alter Updated:  Should now give a time left when checking before it has elapsed
Anniversary Talisman Updated:  The math to figure out years was not behaving correctly.
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