Author Topic: Upcoming Plans for PVP and Faction Custom Expansion  (Read 1599 times)

July 23, 2018, 08:17:32 PM

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Upcoming Plans for PVP and Faction Custom Expansion

UO Evolution Shard has been planning and coding a new faction system and PvP system
that enhances the player experience

In the past, PvP has always been a difficult dilema for all custom shards to
overcome.  Since our shard has unlimited skills, no skill caps, custom items, and
pets it makes the balancing of PvP almost impossible to simulate the original

Over the years we have experimented with many ideas and code to create the original
PvP on UO Evolution, but all the code added had to be balanced with more code and
so on.  We have taken 2 years to analyze our situation and code these new ideas
into reality

Kane decided to create an entirely new custom system that addresses all the flaws
in the original game, created new elements to PvP, and balanced it for our shard

We have been speaking with players, specifically old PvPers to develop a PvP system
that they would enjoy and adapt to, that felt original, but encompassed all the new
game assets that have been developed for UO Evolution.

We will announce when we launch this PvP syatem for testing and keep you all
informed of the progress

We have added 2 new staff members this week to help run PvP events, please welcome
Grim and Dash