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February 21, 2018, 04:46:00 PM

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Event Ideas: These are just brainstorming idea's, I like creating event ideas.
Iron Evo Competition - You get one normal weapon, a suit of normal armor, your choice of a normal Spellbook (Chivalry, Magery, Necromancy, Ninjitsu, Bushido) and 25 of each reagent (250 tithing) for that book, 15 bandaids, No Keys, No Donations Items, No Pets, all provided by the gm (or bought before hand). You must make it as far as you can through a custom dungeon of cumulative difficulty; i.e. It gets hard the farther you get into it. You are allowed to pick up and use any items dropped by the monsters throughout the dungeon/run, ingenuity will help. Maybe checkpoints at certain milestones through the run, or none at all. Depends on how Iron Evo the staff want it to be. There would be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for this event.

We do a crafting challenge event, which is like what you describe

Clue Hunt - This is just a simple event where the staff would start with a hint on where a book would be that provided a hint to the next book ect. People can interpret the hints as they see, but only one location will have the book for the next hint. These locations can be easy and quick, all of them in one town for instance, or they can be huge, spanning the entire continent of Sosaria. I would guess that the larger the Clue Hunt, the better the reward. Only 1 winner in this event.

We do custom scavenger hunts, very hard to do with such a large population now.  We are planning on having an automated version of this in the near future

D&D Night - A guided adventure that the staff have direct control over to provide a Dungeons and Dragons like adventure. Providing special encounters, weird NPC's, and nefarious villains. This could be a one night (1 hour or so) adventure, or it could be a campaign taking several nights of varying time to complete. The catch in this event is that if you die, your out. You cannot continue on even if resurrected, meaning the event can be failed should everyone die! Possibly the party could obtain special items to resurrect a fallen party member once, but choose wisely on who would be resurrected. Those left of the starting adventurers at the end, would be considered the champions who saved the kingdom!

I love this idea, just hard to get a good group together and educate everyone how to RP.  I encourage you to develop a groups and I would be happy to help.  D&D was my favorite!

Monster Stomp - This is geared for newer players. Some of the dungeons in Trammel have been getting a little overpopulated, we need some adventurers to go through all the dungeons and clear them out a bit. Triple, possibly even quadruple the spawn amount in the dungeons. Clear them out and take out the warboss at the end of the dungeons to stop the massive amount of monsters from pouring out and into the wild.

We do this often, the staff and new player guild runs these almost daily

Tyvm for your ideas!

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We actually already do all these events:)

Players are encouraged to create and run their own adventures also.  You can easily do many of these events for your guild or the entire shard.  The staff will support the events you run!

It takes a lot of time and creativity to create a long D&D adventure, so if you plan it and write up all the info, I would certainly advertise it and supervise these events

The staff runs over 100 events a week, along with some automated ones.  We do plan events for each major holiday each month.  I will try to make some epic new adventures soon!